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Ahkroid, classic game

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Stellar! :lol:

Very punny! :D
Thank you! <---In case I forget to say it. :)

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Thanks :)

@Rajat: Oh yeah same spirit than kkrieger, a simple demo with small code/compact/size as possible but my game is pathetic compare to this amazing FPS... for example I don't use ahk_l or gdip.ahk, also it was a benchmark.
I had a black background version but that added 4or5 lines, or other heavy weapons :D (better for retina persistence, and easy asteroid killer, lost after format...)

Long time ago, I tested some prototypes for a flash-game-like but need more skills, more time and motivation, and hard to optimize, also ahk have limits without multi-thread to play real-time sound, ( still with vision of demo, what ahk can do), you will need gdi+ library of tic (use mouse, space, and wasd key...): <!-- m -->https://ahknet.autoh...ia/R101011L.zip<!-- m -->

I did an other strange and funny game, a pacman who work only with string: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.autohotkey.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=58361">viewtopic.php?t=58361</a><!-- l -->

Go to ahk german forum too, they are 3D games ! If I have a good memory then Uberi did an opengl platform game too.
Also, with ahk_l and Gui,add,activeX we can embed all webbrowser game !
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beautifule job by the way i spend hours of the companies time playing this
Never lose.

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I realize this is already 3 years since the last post so maybe some commands changed but when i start the game i see only score, shield stat and black screen.


Could anyone please help me to correct the code so this works? Or this works only with AHK_B?

I tried playing with dllcall 'fillrect' which i assume changes background color but it stays black all the time.


Thank you.