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is it possible to use arrow keys and other in a hotstring?

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Hi everyone!

I'm making my arcade cabinet, I'm using old ps/2 keyboard for the joysticks...

well, I don't want any kind of button to modify the configuration available, as I have tons of nephews and will screw it.

So, what I what I want to do (as I already soldered all together), is use some kind of contra flag code to send a TAB, so this way it would be possible to modify game configurations without using a keyboard.

I'm trying to achieve something like this:

send, {tab}

U is UP
D down
L left
R right
B second button first player (s)
A first button firts player (a itself)

could that be possible??

holding up a sequence could work too, and would do some digging in that direction too.

I didn't see so much escape sequences that could help as everything is almost in one piece.

Any help will be appreciated as always.

For curious people, i'm using:
old amd athlon xp 2000+
256 ram
geforce fx 5200 64mb
windows xp
it plays umk3! so I'm happy

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You could do something like this:



  static LastKeys, MaxLen := 30 ; max number of stored keys

  ; ---------------------------
  If ( input = "~Up" )
    input := "U"
  Else If ( input = ~Down )
    input := "D"
  ; etc ... insert all other "Else If"s here
  ; ---------------------------
  LastKeys := SubStr( LastKeys input , (-1)*(MaxLen-1) )
  ; ---------------------------
  If ( Seq == SubStr( LastKeys , (-1)*(StrLen(Seq)-1) ) )
    MsgBox Sequence found: %Seq%
  If ( Seq == SubStr( LastKeys , (-1)*(StrLen(Seq)-1) ) )
    MsgBox Sequence found: %Seq%
  ; copy and add any other sequences as desired
  ; ---------------------------


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