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My status and website changes

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Zed Gecko
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Thanks for all your effort Chris.
It was of course not primary intention, but you´ve enabled a lot of people to write very cool programs. A lot of them wouldn´t exist without you.

I just hope, you notify us on your new projects.

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Thanks Chris!

I just hope, you notify us on your new projects.

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I love Autohotkey realy and I will never forget her Author ---- Chris.

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Whatever you guys think about the child projects of AHK, it's better to have a clean line than a dozen of development trees. Defining AHK_L as the new Mainline is a good step.

Thank you Chris, your language was my first programming contact so I think it was a really important part of my programming experience. AHK's simplicity on the one hand allow newbies a easy start in programming, and the ability of having direct Memory Access and DllCall on the other hand gave great power for some experiments.

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Defining AHK_L as the new Mainline is a good step.


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I'm still scared :p I'm not sure if my scripts are compatible with AutoHotkey_L and I'm scared to try >.<

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Thanks you for developing a tool to make those annoying repetative clicks and typings, that we all have to do, into something fun.
A tool to differentiate me from my colleagues who look on in wonder as data is extracted from files and my mouse moves as if by magic.
Thank you for providing a forum where one of the best online communities I have ever experienced gets to hang out.
Thanks also for allowing your creation space to grow and develop.

Good luck in all you do.

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I have a bad feeling in the pit of me stomach. AutoHotkey_L scares me :|
I'm still scared Razz I'm not sure if my scripts are compatible with AutoHotkey_L and I'm scared to try >.<

I have nothing against AutoHotkey_L or other variants (they are good initiatives, but I haven't tried them...) but if the "old" AHK works for you, just stick with it!
Beside some obscure bugs and feature requests, it is still a great piece of code, working well and quite complete. I would say that beside language changes, Chris led it to a very stable and useful state, and frankly it doesn't need major updates. It has reached its goal to be a fantastic tool for small scripting. Some people pushed it to the limits by writing big programs with it, but it wasn't the main goal of the program.

The main issue I had when I got (last week!) a Win7 brand new computer (upgrading from my old XP box whose hard disk was dying) is that some of my favorite scripts were failing.
After a quick search, I found the Add "Run as Administrator" for AutoHotkey Scripts in Windows 7 or Vista article explaining the issue and the solution. And now I got a functional AHK! (at least for the usages I have). Even the hack getting the current path from Windows Explorer (my "create new folder" script - joy, I am lost without it).

So, thanks Chris, and good luck in your new interests.
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Many thanks for your hard work and dedication over the years, Chris. I think that it was your detail orientation, your willingness to think things through very carefully, and your determination to make AHK accessible to nonprogrammers that made it so incredibly successful.

Many many many thanks.

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Chris, Thank you for making a very functional and robust scripting language. Thank you even more for having such excellent documentation. I think the documentation is major part of AutoHotkey's success and is often overlooked. It is what really makes using all the great functions so easy. It is something that many many developers fail at. /me eyeballs Valve Source SDK.

I wish you luck for the future and I look forward to seeing your next project.

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I'm sorry that you stop with AutoHotkey.

It helped me a billion times to make things faster or make them generally possible - occupationally and privately. And most important, it was and is a fun thing to use AutoHotkey.
AutoHotkey has almost all features I need, and I think I will continue using it a long time.

Thank you very much for your great dedication in developing and supporting AutoHotkey, the best-ever scripting language :) .

I wish you the best for your future!

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I'm sorry to hear that you are losing interest in AutoHotkey. I just wanted to say that a lot of us like the simple straight-forward tools that AHK offered us for remapping hotkeys and even creating GUIs. I'm sure many of us are programmers and can do these things with other languages but AutoHotkey has its definite advantages in many scenarios.
My AutoHotkey Program for Warcraft III:

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Also from me, Chris: Thanks a lot for everything and keep going...

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Good luck in whatever you do and stay well.
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Thank you Chris for everything. Wish you the best.


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