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My status and website changes

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Oh, I have just been informed of this decision by Chris. I am so late. But it's never too late to say thanks to the right person.

Thank you Chris for what you have done. It won't be too much to say that you have really changed my life with AHK. I can't share all the details here, but I think I am not the only one who could say this. My life has changed drastically since I came across AHK.

Thanks also for the great "Help" file, which, unlike other "Help" files in various applications, really lives up to its name.

And also thanks for the great community that has not only taught me things about AHK, but also taught me how to be thankful, humble and polite - something that even all my high school teachers couldn't accomplish.

The other day, having come back here after a long break and realized that now besides AHK there is also AHK_L that can be downloaded and installed, I just didn't know how to refer to the first one, "basic" or "classical" or "original" or etc. Well, now at least I know for sure that whenever I refer to that first one in this forum or especially outside of it, I will always be adding "created by Chris Mallett".

Thanks again Chris.

May God bless you in whatever you do now.

I just want to add my voice to what was said about the Help file.

I use it often and I cannot help but marvel at what a tremendous job Chris has done in creating this tool.

I have used the Help file and Help systems for many other projects and the AHK Help file is consistently the easiest to use, the best organized, the most complete and the most understandable tool of all.

Before I discovered what a great tool it was, I used to post questions in this forum every few days asking for help. But now I am able to solve most of my problems myself by using the Help file.

I have so many wonderful and positive things to say about AHK. But the Help file is the crowning jewel in this project. It is the creme de la creme. It is the very best of the very best.

Thank you ever so much Chris. You are truly an unsung hero of the computer software world!

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I still don't know why isn't ahkl the new ahk by now, even though it was voted on by community. The main post is from 2010. Why is it taking so long to do that? By delaying that, it's making Lexikos unmotivated as well (and making others give up too). From my perspective, it has the closest approach to what Chris wanted. Do not allow people's efforts to be wasted like this. It's time to move on - let lex's ahk become called AHK.

The efforts of the people who created other projects shouldn't be wasted either. Why not create a forum for each of them? Basically the other projects don't get known because the main ahk forums are mainly for ahk (and anything very like the Chris' ahk, which is AHKL right now). It's so difficult to see that IronAHK is still being developed, for example. Make a forum for v2, IronAHK... and so forth. Make those projects have dedicated documentation posts and whatnot. This is all to make information much clearer and give some freedom for them to actually develop into better organized projects.

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AHK_L is the default now. Check it again.


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Doesn't seem like it - well... at least the website docs aren't updated to reflect on that - also it still doesn't have the new website design (I know, probably a boring and tiring thing to update the old things...). I realize now that the forums at least got that well.

I still think there should be more forums for the alt projects. At least there needs to be a forum for the v2 alpha because the scripts are not backwards compatible. I have a version of my script, for example, that works on the v2 alpha.

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I used command line and some visual basic before I stumbled upon AutoHotKey.
The language is easy to learn and the Help file is a work of art.
Thanks Chris for giving us a tool that makes computers do what I want.

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I heard AHK to days ago and used it yesterday and today I claim it is the most useful program I have ever used.

Thanks to your very beatiful mind !

Thanks to others who work on AHK.

I really do appreciate all of your efforts.



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Chris, I learned AHK because of the simplicity you mentioned in your post. I had never programmed in my life and was up-and-running with an automation script in a day.


Over the years, my scripts became more sophisticated and the "programming" features like arrays and objects became indispensable.


There is room in AHK for both simplicity and extended programming features. Neither detract from the other, and, in fact, are complimentary.


Thank you for your wonderful language, which I have built my career out of.


Come back and lead us.

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@lagomorph: your wish may come true http://ahkscript.org...?p=15291#p15291

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Thanks for a great software tool.

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actually a vanilla software (like the vanilla kernel sources) is still under active development. which is not the case here. in our case the new branch "*_L" is under active development and the master branch is stalled and wont be continued. face it: sooner or later ahkc will be only kept for historical reasons but not for effective usage. so if ahk_l is the true successor of ahkc it should be named ahk, too and the origins should be renamed to avoid confusion. better now for continuity than later.

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I'm new to AutoHotKey and absolutely love this scripting language.  The syntax, the power, and the support is amazing.  It is an easy language for non or casual  programmers by trade to pickup and learn, particularly from it's automation and macro perspective, and put to good use.  It being so powerful, means casual programmers can grow in their skills with and always keep using it.  I think it is a testament to what Chris has created that people were able to carry on and continue to develop and innovate AutoHotKey.

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I'm new to AutoHotkey and the forums, but this is for you Chris:



Thank you, for all the hard work. I hope you get inspired again in regards to AutoHotKey!