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[DEPRECATED] AutoHotkey_L porting pack v0.1 alpha

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Ok, thank you fincs, tested and it looks like it is working (as I've never used AHK versions other than Autohotkey_L Unicode). Tested on a VM (clean install).
- uninstall any Autohotkey version you currently have
___* SciTE
___* Autohotkey
___* Program Files\Autohotkey dir
- install AHK Basic
- install SciTE3.0rc1
- do what fincs described in his post

This installer is outdated and is to be replaced with something better. In the mean time, create an 'AutoHotkey_L' folder in your AutoHotkey folder and do this:[*:3hoeaaw4]Download the AutoHotkey_L x86 Unicode and x86 ANSI .zip files, the help file and the compiler.
[*:3hoeaaw4]Copy the Unicode AutoHotkey.exe to the AutoHotkey_L folder and rename it to AutoHotkey_Lw.exe.
[*:3hoeaaw4]Copy the ANSI AutoHotkey.exe to the AutoHotkey_L folder and rename it to AutoHotkey_La.exe.
[*:3hoeaaw4]Extract the help file to the AutoHotkey_L folder and rename it to AutoHotkey_L.chm.
[*:3hoeaaw4]Create a Compiler folder inside the AutoHotkey_L folder and extract the compiler .zip file there.

Program Files\Autohotkey\Autohotkey_L ; output directory structure
    Autohotkey_Lw.exe ; Unicode
    Autohotkey_Aa.exe ; ANSI
    Compiler\<compiler.zip files>

- there is a 'set current platform' icon in SciTE - click the icon to switch between three versions:
___* AHK Basic (ANSI) - Default
___* AHK_L (ANSI) - ANSI
___* AHK_L (Unicode) - Unicode
A testing script:
MsgBox, % "Version: " A_AhkVersion ; L vs B
    . "`nIsUnicode: " . A_IsUnicode   ; blank if ANSI
    . "`nAhkPath: " . A_AhkPath ; if AHK_L launched, here will probably be a problem with the lib\ local
       ; directory as both autohotkey_L.exe's (ANSI and Unicode) are in the same directory
       ; see #include   <lib> http://l.autohotkey.net/file/users/Members/Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L/docs/commands/_Include.htm
//edit: if you'll install Autohotkey_L instead of Autohotkey_B (before installing SciTE), this will also work but you won't have Autohotkey Basic.
//edit2: note that after the installation, you have the Autohotkey Basic as the default compiler in your OS.