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Get paths of selected items in an explorer window

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Thanks for the feedback !

I cannot reproduce that issue anymore. I guess your code code would work.


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worked fine for me a big thanks


lol i was using the manual method right click>copy path

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Is it possible to have a "for each" of whatever is in the "sel" variable ?


sel := Explorer_GetSelected()


I want to run a program on each element of my selection.


Thanks !

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It works fine when I assign a shortcut key. But when I include it in right click option via WinXp Registry-> HKCR\*\shell\CopyFullPath\command It gives file or folder name when I select only one. If I select multiple objects It results none. How it could be fixed?


I hope I would get your support that I am trying myself for 6 months.

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Anyone with an example of how to loop through multiple selection items ?


using Explorer_GetSelected()


Trying to apply a .exe on each item selected in the explorer.


Thanks :)

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I use this all the time and it is great.  The only pitfall that I wish I knew how to correct is that Explorer_GetSelected() is picky about which order you select things.  For example, if you click and drag 4 files starting with 1 then 2,3,4.  The first file from sel will be 4.  If you do it the opposite, then the first file will be 1.


I have a macro that makes booklets and divides pdfs into even/odd pages, reverses pdfs in one process.  Things have to get jumbled up a very particular way.  Unfortunately, if you select the files in consistently (which I do and other people using the program will also), then things will go in the wrong order and will be printed wrong, which is really bad.  


The code is way over my head in this library, but is there a way of keeping the order the same (alphabetical would be fine, or simply the order they appear in Windows) regardless of how one select/drags?

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Well, this is quite easy in AHK I've discovered.


Simply adding the command:


Sort sel, d`n


This will alphabetize a string delimited by a "`n."  This language... is my kind of language.

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I have the same thing with the the line:

        for window in ComObjCreate("Shell.Application").Windows
====>       if (window.hwnd==hwnd)
                return window

And the same popup. And I also remember it to work flawlessly. Is that something that came with a latest Autohotkey update?

Also the last line buggs me. It's complaining that it cannot run Trim with more than 1 argument! And it's directly displaying the line break in the error window:

Specifically: Trim(ret, "

	089: if selection  
	090: collection := window.document.SelectedItems
	091: Else
	092: collection := window.document.Folder.Items
	093: For item, in collection
	094: ret .= item.path "
	095: }
--->	099: Return,Trim(ret, "

So I catched the first thing and made the Trim only Trim(ret)

But that's probably all not like intended? :/

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Thanks a lot Rapte_Of_Suzaku. Works perfectly.