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Change the case of a string (five options)

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After posting here String Lower and Upper in a function I thought what else can I add. After some effort I added inverse the current case and Sentence case to the default UPPER, lower and Title.
ChangeCase(String,Type) { ;type is S,I,U,L, or T
If (Type="S") { ;Sentence case.
 X = I,AHK,AutoHotkey ;comma seperated list of words that should always be capitalized
 S := RegExReplace(RegExReplace(String, "(.*)", "$L{1}"), "(?<=[\.\!\?]\s|\n).|^.", "$U{0}")
 Loop Parse, X, `, ;Parse the exceptions
  S := RegExReplace(S,"i)\b" A_LoopField "\b", A_LoopField)
 Return S
If (Type="I") ;iNVERSE
 Return % RegExReplace(String, "([A-Z])|([a-z])", "$L1$U2")
Return % RegExReplace(String, "(.*)", "$" Type "{1}")

Data =
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MsgBox % ChangeCase(Data,"S")
MsgBox % ChangeCase("This is a Test","I")
MsgBox % ChangeCase("This is a Test","U")
MsgBox % ChangeCase("This is a Test","L")
MsgBox % ChangeCase("This is a Test","T")
Edit: Fixed examples
Edit2: Improved (shortened :) ) Invert case

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thank you None

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X = I,AHK,AutoHotkey,SO,Dr,Mr,Ms..etc..,Ganja,Music;comma seperated list of words that should always be capitalize

actually found this script after being frustrated, for the 1000th time i have to sentencecase there. but after i opened my ahk script to add it, spotted Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "(((^|([.!?]+\s+))[a-z])| i | i')", "$u1") is already there lol


but yours is better, exceptions is nice. is it possible to add "if first two letters is like somthing, CApitalize them"? being a programmer for more than 15 years, i just hate those regexes and trying to avoid them at all costs lol. struggle with them so hard when it's needed and when actually manage to get what i want, forgetting everything in 2 days.