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Basic Ahk v1.1+ COM Tutorial for Webpages

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Hi all :D


Does anybody know how to find the index of a button?

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Confused... I'm researching for a project I've been asked to do.  I've been using regular AHK to do basic macros for me.  I need to do more in-depth work, but in reading the tut's it's talking about AutoHotkey v1.1+ COM. or AutoHotkey_L are these completly different versions or am I just missing something?  If they are different can you provide me a the link to DL it.  Thanks!

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They are the same. Check out my edits to the first page of this tutorial.

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I'm having an issue that I'm hoping you guys can assist with. I'm wanting to save the javascript command to a INI file, then call on that INI file later to use it to target the WB1 control I have created. I'm having alot of issues with this. I think it's just a syntas issue on how i'm formating it, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


example of what I'm trying to do.

Script = document.getElementById("hplogo").src

This method does not work, and gives me errors telling me that it's not reconized as a valid use of the period, etc. I'm also including a testing script that can easily be copy/pasted . test1 works as it's using the strait code, but test 1 is the variable use method, and it's notworking. any advise?

Gui Add, ActiveX, % "xm w400 h400 vWB1 border", Shell.Explorer
Gui, Add, Button, Section gTest1 w80 h50, Test1
Gui, Add, Button, ys gTest2 w80 h50, Test2
Gui Show


	TestVar := wb1.document.getElementById("hplogo").src
	MsgBox, %TestVar%
	TestVar =

	Script = document.getElementById("hplogo").src
	TestVar := wb1[Script]
	MsgBox, %TestVar%
	TestVar =

	Wait(wb) {
    If !wb    ;If wb is not a valid pointer then quit
        Return False
	Loop {
		Sleep, 1
		Timeout := A_Index
	} Until (wb.ReadyState != 4) and (wb.busy) or (Timeout = "100")
	while (wb.ReadyState != 4) or (wb.busy)
		Sleep 100
   Return True


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