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AutoHotkey v2 Alpha Release

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AutoHotkey v2

AutoHotkey v2 is a fork of AutoHotkey_L which aims to improve the usability and convenience of the language and command set by sacrificing backward compatibility. It is still under development; more compatibility-breaking changes have yet to be made.


These downloads include AutoHotkey.exe and some miscellaneous function scripts.

As Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 has been used to build these executables, Windows 9x and NT4 are not supported. Windows 2000 support is limited.

Source code is available at github.


Up to date documentation for v2 is still a work in progress.


Changes from v1.1 to v2.0 details the many differences between v1.1 and the current v2.0 alpha.

A sequential record of changes is maintained during development. However, it includes a lot of detail not relevant to regular users.



For discussion about v2, see the following thread:
AutoHotkey v2 Alpha Release.