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run two programs with one script

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I'm trying to run more that one program with one script.I tried this script and the only one that comes up is the explorer.....Can anyone tell me why?

This is the script ------

Run, C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe
WinWait, Accounts - AceMoney,
Run, C:\Program Files\AceMoney\AceMoney.exe
WinWait, Exploring - Leecom (C:),


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Your script is stuck waiting for the Accounts - AceMoney window. The "WinWait, Accounts - AceMoney," line is waiting for a window with that title to exist but it never does. You should run the program and then have it wait for the window to exist.

Run, C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe 
WinWait, Exploring - 
Run, C:\Program Files\AceMoney\AceMoney.exe 
WinWait, Accounts - AceMoney