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Enable interaction with administrative programs

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Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Just a heads up some of the old users will not use this forum... At least not at this time!

Just so you ask in the right place/site

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Thanks, I only posted here because this was the forum that contains this thread.






my library base
AHK_L is the bomb! With a whole lot of bug fixes, Unicode support, associative array objects, array like objects, classes and variadic functions, why wouldn't you switch?

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This script no longer works for newer versions of AutoHotkey


Nvm, I had an old version of the script.

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I have the problem that ever since I used the UI access signing tool my AHK task wont start because it "needs higher privileges", but it already has highest privigleges checked.

Trigger is me logging on

action is simply my AHK file with directory parameter set to it's dir (coz I have an include in it)

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Thanks a lot man!!! Works perfectly.