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save images from clipboard

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Good idea, thanks for trying to help, I have tried your suggestion but then that just raises another error somewhere else. I'd rather not have to debug the whole thing line by line.

Besides while I was waiting for an answer I was busy looking for alternatives, I ended up writing my own script to automate Kleptomania, I can now define a region of the screen to text capture and have that copied to the clipboard for me, which is what I came here looking for in the first place.

The only thing is that I have wrote the script in AutoIt rather than AutoHotKey as its what I'm more familiar with, I can post the script I wrote if anyone's interested?

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I am using AutoHotkey version under VISTA, may be this is the reason why it works in my case.
AutoHotkey help contains some hints into this direction:
One True Brace (OTB, K&R style): In v1.0.41+, the OTB style may optionally be used in the following places: expression if-statements, the "else" keyword, normal loops, and function definitions. This style puts the block's opening brace on the same line as the block's controlling statement rather than underneath on a line by itself. For example:

if (x < y) {
} else {
Loop %RepeatCount% {
MyFunction(x, y) {
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EXACTLY what i was looking for, thank you very much kiu!!!