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Get rid of YouTube ads

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Ahh I disagree. There is no Adblock plus filter subscription for youtube adverts. I have no idea what this guy is talking about, and as he refuses to say which filter he is using, I say he's just getting people to install adblock plus.

I've looked into this, there is no adblock filter subscription. it just doesnt exist.

Hence why I am looking into AHK to do this. And this sadly doesnt do it.



...which is why he said, "you must tell ABP what ads it should block", it's not included in any of the "stock" subscriptions, but you can easily tell ABP to block ANYTHING. I don't like your avatar? Let's create an ABP filter to get rid of it!


Pressing Control+Shift+V will open a "Blockable items" list for whatever site you are currently on, or you can click the ABP icon to the same effect. Go to Youtube, peruse and search the "Blockable items" list for anything containing the phrase "ad", look over the rest of the items to make sure you caught them all, and presto chango, no more ads on youtube! I can edit my post with exactly what I have blocked on Youtube, if so requested.


This is not at all to knock OP's efforts, actually, I came here because I forgot AHK existed, and wanted to see if I have any use for it, this has given me one! I tend to write my own "automation scripts", macros and such, and have my own little script management application, which works in much a similar way to how AHK functions! NOW, if I would have just downloaded AHK one of the many times it was pimped on lifehacker back in the day (does LH still exist?!), I could have saved myself the trouble of coding my system, as AHK is much more functional out of the box, and more robust. To use mine you still need a pretty good grasp of other, higher level languages. One thing I never thought too much into, as far as automation goes, the mouse..... I can perform low-level automation, but I can't use my system to move the mouse. Too funny.