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[Class] WinClip - direct clipboard manipulations

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Hello I'm trying to use winclip to write a script that does some rtf modification and having issues.


What I'm trying to do overall is the following.

1 - Take RTF formatted text in the clipboard and convert it to plain text with the formatting

2 - Modify the formatting codes (in the test case just moving where the bold ends)

3 - Send the text back to the clipboard and convert it back into rtf so it can be pasted back into a program like wordpad 

as rtf formatted text.


Steps 1 and 2 are working. Step 3 through is throwing an error with the SetRTF command. It is throwing a variable name contains an illegal character.


In the test below I already have the text with the rtf codes in the clipboard. the SetRTF is throwing the error.

test := wc.GetText()

Any thoughts?

Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Remove the %'s around the variable 'test'

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Thanks @Blackholyman that fixed the error. Still learning the scripting language.


But it is not converting the text back to rtf. If I do a paste after running the script

it is still pasting the string with the rtf codes rather than the formatted string.

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I tried to use WinClip and PUM classes together. In a simple test below a hotkey Alt-X is used to paste an image. If a PUM definition is added to the script this causes a crash when the hotkey is called a second time. Tested on Win7 32bit.


Any idea what might be an issue?

#Include WinClipAPI.ahk
#Include WinClip.ahk
#Include PUM_API.ahk
#Include PUM.ahk

pm := new PUM()  ;causes a crash when Alt-X is called a second time

WinClip.SetBitmap("D:\data\image.jpg") ;change to your image

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After clipping a picture, how can I append text as a source comment to it directly?



I was trying to take a screen snap and add the source title to the snapped picture.

Here is how I work:

WinGetTitle, acTitle, A ; get the window title

Run, ..\QQimage2012.exe   ; screenshot of this software's interface is attached below
process, waitclose, QQimage2012.exe     ; waiting for picture-snapping and marking operations to complete
; the RIGHT mark at the right-down-corner will save the snapped content to clipboard

; how to append window title to clipboard??


How can I append window title to the clipboard  directly after pic-snapping completes, instead of having to save the clipped pic to local disk and then append it to a html snippet and then to append it to the clipboard?



Interface of the screencapture software: