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A handy use for Window Spy

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Since this turned into a screen capture thread, might I suggest MW Snap. http://www.mirekw.co...are/mwsnap.html

It's freeware, been around forever and it works great. It'll automatically assign filenames - auto-numbering and including date and time stamps if desired - great for multiple successive captures, supports JPG saves and a variety of other image formats. It captures full-screen, active window, fixed area and mouse selectable area, as well as repeats last capture area.

It'll display an on-screen ruler for measuring pixel widths (vertically and horizontally), a color picker, a zoom tool and a window-info tool.

It's just a great app. Give it a try.

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I've tried MW Snap now.
It's rather nice, but it doesn't offer to send the screenshot directly to clipboard. :(
I do use this function often (every day several times for documentation-purposes).
Edit: I'm sorry. I found how to set it right. Nice app :)

It does also have a bug that made me laughing:
1) Open the options-menu.
--> It's modal now, so main app is not clickable.
2) Change the option "Q Minimize on closing the main window using button [X]"
3) Overtake the action (not closing the window via OK)
--> Main app comes into front. You can interact with both windows now.

The following are resulting things of point 3):
4A) If you press the close-button of the main-app only a warning appears that it closes into tray instead of closing completely. If you set the check further clicks on the close-button do simply nothing.

4B) If you try to open the settings-window another time you'll get the following error-message:

MWSnap - Namenlos (side-note: means "Nameless")
Cannot make a visible window modal.

I've sent this bugreport to the developer ;)


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Just to clarify Thalon's edit above - MW Snap can be configured to automatically copy the image snapshot to the clipboard.

One other thing I should point out about MW Snap: you can use it to take snapshots of things that normally close when they lose focus, such as some menus, certain drop-downs, tooltips, etc. There are a few controls that Windows' built-in screen capture abilities and some other capture apps don't seem to be able to capture, but that's not the case with MW Snap.

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FastStone Captura is no longer freeware...

Here's how to save a very small-sized GIF of the dialog box with no extra software and with very little time and effort.
[*:2so30lag]Do a print screen. This copies your monitor content, including an image of the text message into the clipboard
[*:2so30lag]Open PAINT, the little utility present in every version of Windows
[*:2so30lag]Paste contents of clipboard into PAINT (). Paint automatically selects the entire image, and the select button is activated.
[*:2so30lag]Click the ERASE key. One clunky think about PAINT is that pasting something into a new document screen automatically selects the entire image and activates the SELECT tool by default. You want to deselect the image and activate the SELECT tool anew.
[*:2so30lag]So click the SELECT tool again and select just the portion of the image with the text message.
[*:2so30lag]Hit , copying just the part of the image with the text message to the clipboard.
[*:2so30lag]Go to FILE, click NEW. Click NO if prompted to save image. You will have a new blank PAINT document.
[*:2so30lag]Click on IMAGE, then ATTRIBUTES. A dialog will open asking what size the new image is. Put in a size much smaller than you need. Putting in 10 and 10 pixels will probably work.
[*:2so30lag]Paste with . The screen enlarges to accommodate the new picture size. If prompted with message asking if you want to enlarge screen to accommodate message, say YES.
[*:2so30lag]Click SAVE AS and save as GIF.That will get you a pretty small file with no extra software needed

I've done this one MANY times {though just found out about the "alt-print scrn" through this thread today}. But to deselect the entire image all you have to do is hit the key. That will deselect and keep the SELECT active. Also, if you've opened a new Paint for this process, simply select the portion you want, then do: ctrl-c, ctrl-z {to remove the entire image}, ctrl-v, then save it however you wish {I always end up adjusting the size with those little squares at the edges to fit my image before saving}.

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