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FTP Issue

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Within my script, i have integrated ftp many of times, via ftpv2.ahk, so im rather familiar from that aspect, and it has worked fine with my login system. However, recently i have discovered a major issue, as far as i'm concerned. Verizon's ISP is blocking the use of FTP in general! Asking for a surcharge. If this script were for me alone, this would be no biggy, but that isn't the case. I need some sort of work-around. I personally use hostedftp.com and ahk.net. I have found that i can in deed connect to hostedftp via windows explorer, but as far as that goes, the question would be how to programatically utilize this, because i have no idea if that's even possible. If not, is there any other way to connect, as i NEED the ability to upload files. And if somebody reverts to httprequest, or httpquery, please somewhat break it down for me, because ATM, that is over my head. Any time spent is much appreciated