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Sending German Umlaute with pressing Capslock[fixed]

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I'm new to AutoHotkey. I have a englisch keyboard layout on my laptop but sometimes I need to type some German letters like:
ä,ü,ö,€,ß,Ö,Ü and Ä

I want to use the Capsplock key + a for a 'ä' and CapsLock+Shift+a for a 'Ä'.

This is my script:
SetCapslockState, AlwaysOff
CapsLock & a::Send ä
CapsLock & u::Send ü
CapsLock & o::Send ö
CapsLock & e::Send €
CapsLock & s::Send ß

CapsLock & Shift & o::Send Ö
CapsLock & Shift & u::Send Ü
CapsLock & Shift & a::Send Ä

AutoHotkey complains that I have double entries in my configuration. I thougt that CapsLock & Shift & o is different to CapsLock & o.

Does anybody know how to fix this that I can use Capslock+Shift for the capital letters? I searched the forum for information but didn't found any regarding my topic.

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This works pretty well...

#SingleInstance force


SetCapslockState, AlwaysOff

CapsLock & a::CSend("ä", "Ä")
CapsLock & u::CSend("ü", "Ü")
CapsLock & o::CSend("ö", "Ö")
CapsLock & e::CSend("€")
CapsLock & s::CSend("ß")

CSend(p_normal, p_shifted="") {
	key:=(!GetKeyState("Shift") ? p_normal:p_shifted)
	Send, %key%

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Thanks! Works like a charm!