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Tips and Tricks

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~ Index of Tips N Tricks

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to set a 'Tiled background' for GUI ? posted 18-Aug-2011

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Hook on to Shell to receive its messages ? posted 22-May-2007

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to manipulate Binary data with Pointers ? posted 28-Nov-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to retrieve File fullpath from Explorer ? posted 30-Oct-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to programmatically Tile/Cascade windows ? posted 15-Oct-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to detect a Hung Window ? posted 15-Oct-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to find Internet Connection Status ? posted 22-May-2006 updated 07-Oct-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Capture Virtual-key code of a Keypress ? posted 31-Aug-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Hide / Show Taskbar buttons ? posted 20-Jul-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to automate a Web-Login ? posted 11-Jul-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Disable Screen Saver Temporarily ? posted 06-Jul-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to retrieve a script's PID ? posted 01-Jul-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to set a GUI to be " Always @ Bottom " ? posted 28-Mar-2006 updated 30-Jun-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Animate a GUI Window ? posted 23-Jun-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to enable Drag for a GUI without a Titlebar ? posted 13-Jun-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Disable ( Grey-out ) the Close Button ? posted 01-Jun-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Simulate a Linear Gradient ? - Part 1 & 2 posted 23-May-2006 updated 25-May-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Draw Lines in a GUI ? GuiDrawLine() posted 17-May-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Simulate a Graphical Button in a GUI ? posted 14-May-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Refresh " Icons Display " in System Tray ? posted 05-Apr-2006

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Hide , Disable or Replace Windows Start Button ? posted 31-Mar-2006 updated 03-Apr-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Display Shadowed Text in a GUI ? posted 27-Mar-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to start Windows Explorer with a Drive letter ? posted 23-Mar-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Toggle Hidden files view in Windows Explorer ? posted 23-Mar-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Auto Refresh IE Window from a script ? posted 23-Mar-2006.

[*:j6wsbfg2]How to Change the Internet Explorer Window Title ? posted 21-Mar-2006.

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I've moved it to Scripts & Functions because I think many people do not even visit the Utilities forum (believing it to be somewhat off-topic, which it usually is).

It seems likely to get more viewings here.

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Thank you Mr.Chris :)