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Finally, found best Clipboard Manager

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Well, after searching since the beginning of the internet I have finally found the best for me. Lots of configurable options.

Clipboard Help+Spell

Free, but you do have to get a license key after some time, but still with no restrictions.

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Used that for a long time. loved it.
Then I found Ditto. It's awesome.
Lots of options, even the ability to share your clipboard(s) with a buddy. sync between multiple people.
No spell checker though :(

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(Personally) I found Ditto to be unreliable - dunno why - so I stick with CLCL <!-- m -->http://www.nakka.com.../index_eng.html<!-- m --> simple, fast and reliable and does what I want.
(way less advanced as the above two programs)

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I set a limit to 500 entries in ditto and it doesn't go unstable as much. before I had 1500+ and it got slow and crashed often. depends on how much of what (images, text, rtf text, massive paragraphs, etc) you have stored in the DB.

CLCL looks like a nice lightweight alternative though.

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I am another happy user of CLCL.
Of course, these softwares, like many, are matter of taste.
CLCL is very lightweight, easy to use (Ctrl+Shift+V, choose entry, it is pasted) and flexible (can store most used clips). And I love its clipboard viewer. And its plugins.
It is open source, no longer developed, but works perfectly.
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Ditto all the way , Best utility and so small , Does not hog resources even on low speck PC . I have been using Ditto for years now on all OS systems :-)
All`s well that ends well :-)
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Another vote for CLCL here. It does what you want it to do and stays out of the way.


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i use clipjump http://www.autohotke...final-released/

very amazing software.

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+1 to ClipJump

Any code that I post will be for AHK Basic.
I'm not always right, but I still try to help.

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+1 ClipJump.


Before CJ i used ClipX , also very good, but not portable.

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Tried ClipStep with limited success but Clipjump is #1 imho.  Try it, the author really cares about trying to make it work right and doesn't get frustrated with too many suggestions.


+1 to Avi

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plus1 to ClipJump

I am nothing in AutoHotkey and got to know the program from a blog. Just great work , keep going !

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@prostate i also found AHK after searching to automate stuff for two-three months,

when i first clicked the link i though it might also be some money-seeking site, but is the best thing i came across while using net

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+1 To Clipjump.

If you have any suggestions try to add some AHK Code.

That does exactly the thing you want to.

Visit the new forum ahkscript.org.


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do any of the tools above give options to change hotkeys around? for example CTRL+V (paste) automatically closes the program im using when i try to paste.. so im thinking hopefully i can change the hotkey so that i can make it whatever (ctrl+G for example), anyway to do this?