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Finally, found best Clipboard Manager

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Rijul Ahuja
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Sure, grab Clipjump, and take a look at the source. I think you just need to alter the set timer routine.

Of course, if you are new and/or lazy, you could ask the author for help.

Abandon the forum. The community has decided in a democratic vote to leave this website because of inactive and perverse administration.

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I have been using ClipMate for many years, in fact some 8-9 years now.

Regretfully the developer seems to stop developing it any further. My personal guess is that it is because there are soo many free clipboard managers around, hardly anyone is prepared to pay some 35 bucks for ClipMate It think it definitely is one of the best (or maybe even the best?). ClipMate's forum has been closed since a few weeks now, consequently for some timesI have been looking for a decent replacement.

I really like Clipmate's 'Explorer'-interface and being used to that, I am firstly focussing on clipboard manages that are

1) having the same interface,
2) around for quite a while,
3) having their own website/support,
4) still actively developed and

5) also available in a portable version.

Although it seems that tools like like clipboard managers, file renamers, always need to be 'free' - which obviously is okay for me - I donot mind paying for the work developers are putting in.

After searching, reading and downloading a *lot*, I am now using  "Clipboard Help+Spell" http://www.donationc...pell/index.html

Another tool that has a nice Explorer like GUI is ClipCache Pro. However, the changelog shows that except for a few minor fixes and translations, the program hasn't been updated since january 2011. Same with Yankee Clipper III (Explorer interface), latest release 2005.






OOPS, I really am sorry for the big screens!



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Its ok, I prefer Ditto ,  http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/   :shy:

All`s well that ends well :-)
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The clipboards mentioned here do work but they are just toys!
If you really want to see what can be done with multi-clipboards, have a look at this demo video of the Spartan multi-clipboard......