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Request Tutorials Here

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Hello Frankie,


Reading the wishlist you compiled here, I saw a request for "Working with CSV/Excel". If you permit, I'll use you thread to mention that I just wrote a tutorial on the AHK library ObjCSV that is using Objects (and arrays of objects) to load/massage/save the content of CSV files.


This is a textual tutorial, not as user friendly as your videos. But it could be of interest for people wanting to get more familiar with objects and CSV files.


Keep on your good work.



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Hi, I've been using AutoHotkeys along with the easierForNoobs HotkeyMaster, and things were going swimmingly, then some scripts I made work stopped. I've just tried to emulate the "Activate Notepad if new one exists, otherwise Run Notepad" with Notepad++


#n:: ;(one) new untitled notepad
IfWinExist new  - Notepad
Run Notepad
This works, no probs. With Notepad++ however, the new tabs are numbered. I'd like to perform a comparison that says, "if notepad++ is open with a tab containing new, activate. Otherwise run notepad++"
I think a "contains" for the "new" tab name of the notepad++ app would work, or even better "begins with", but RegEx is beyond me.
I'm not sure if it's this simple. Depends if the window inspection looks at all tabs open in the app, or if it depends on the current tab.
I tried this
#^n:: ;(one) new untitled notepad++
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
IfWinExist new - Notepad++
WinActivate, Notepad++
Run Notepad++
but I can't make it activate the new tab, and if any tabs are open in fact, a new one can't be created.
Any ideas?

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select dropdown option automaticaly From form for getting data From clipbord








if i copy march on clipbord it automaticaly select march

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I have a friend who has satilite internet and when on Skype the delay causes us to talk over each other.

Instead of saying "OVER" each time I would like to send a tone that indicates it's your turn to talk.

Thanks for any help


This is where it stands now:
#SingleInstance Force
MsgBox, 32, Skype Tone Generator, Press number 5 to send tone and number 6 to turn off generator after hangup then close media player., 10
run , "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe"  ;start Skype
5::  ; generate tone
run skype.wav  ;tone to send
6::  ; stop tone from repeating
The tone is generated but won't go to the mic.
Win 7 Home Prem.

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I would like to request some class tutorials. Maybe from beginner to advanced. I somewhat understand what I'm reading on the Objects page, but a video tutorial would really help clear some things up. :)

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Im new to this but need help in creating a group policy to disable the use of "ESC" key using autohotkey


Is this possible and if so how?


Many thanks,

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New to here. Please could i have some help.


my a button is broken.


last time i found a different program which i could change the F3 control into my a button. 


Does anyone know the code that would do this as it would be much appreciated....



p.s im copying and pasting the a everywhere lol

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I would like a tutorial showing how to script a Network tool. I need it to check my internet connection, if my ping rate is too high (say 200ms) or there is no response, or it fails, I would like it to auto-reboot the router, then check again, then If the rate is still low. msgbox, 0, "Connection Issue" and play a warning tone. If the rate is ok, then continue the loop. I need this process to loop on a specified interval (maybe every 30 mins).


Also, I've been trying to write this myself-however when I use telnet to open my router it fails to connect via port 23? I have an Arris tg862 router. Any suggestions would be great!


FYI I'm running Windows 7, and I need this to work on Vista if there is no complty. issues. ;Thanks!!

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I want the scipts hotkey to me the ` symbol

i want it to press F5

then immidately move to coordinates 1013, 466 (mousemove, 1013, 466)

Then Click 




Im sure this is very simple but i couldnt find anything for pressing keys on the command lists :L

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sir can you teach me how to proper use status bar?  please look here http://www.autohotke...elp-status-bar/

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You need to post here because you have a speific problem.

Visit the new forum ahkscript.org.


MJ Khor
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All Pros, Senior & Sifu,

Currently I need to use AHK to develop one simple tool which is after you run the script: 
-you can select a pdf file
-press the F1 hotkey
-the selected pdf file will be open maximize
-then prompt out a box that always on top
-the box will have 3 columns(ID, Number & Name) & 2 buttons(Submit & Cancel)
-User able to key-in number & text in all columns
-After click on Submit button, what user input will be rename as the pdf file name with underscore seperator (e.g.: id_number_name.pdf). Then open the next pdf file and continue.

I've studied the tutorials but I'm still failed to link/combine all the function... I'm really weak in programming but my boss was forcing me to create this for job enhancement. I've no choice and I seek for your help. Appreciate your kindness with true heart.

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I'm new to AutoHotKey and scripting/programming in general, but I was looking for a script that changes how the win-d command works in Metro in Win8.1. Currently in Metro, when you press win-d it reverts back to the desktop with whatever windows open. However I want to write a script so it goes directly to the wallpaper. Can anyone help?

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Are tutorials being made? I wanted something to explain what Controls are and what i can do with it.