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Notepad++ v6.2 , UDL & Syntax Highlighting

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Switched to here --> AutoHotkey SyntaxHighlight for Notepad++

Notepad++ v6.2 includes a new User Defined Languge (UDL2) system, the key features of UDL2 are:
1.  More keyword groups were added (more syntax highlighting can be defined):
  - 3 folding groups
  - 8 keyword groups
  - 2 comment groups
  - 1 number definitons
  - 2 operators groups
  - 8 delimiter sets
2.  Multipart keywords are supported (for example: "else if" can be defined as a single keyword)
3.  Whitespace is no longer mandatory as keyword separator: Operators, Delimiters and Folding keywords can be recognized with or without whitespace separators.
4.  Numbers recognition support is greatly improved (prefix, suffix, range and extra symbols supported).
5.  Operators and delimiters can be longer than one character.
6.  The same characters can be used as comments AND operators.
7.  Comments and delimiters support nesting (even within each other).
8.  Improvments to Comments include:
  - Comment folding
  - Comment continuation
  - Comment only start at the beginning of line
9.  In the case of several comment pairs defined, comment open symbols match only with comment close symbols of the same order. (for example: /* C comment */, /+ D comment +/, but not /* mixed comment +/)

This is my UserDefineLang for AHK atm.
userDefineLang_AHK.xml on Dropbox
userDefineLang_AHK.xml on Pastebin

But the file is not up-to-date.
Can anyone update the UDL file to the current version of AHK (AHK_L v1.1.08.01)?

Keywordlist for AHK_L v1.1.08.01
[AHK_L] Keywordlist | #
[AHK_L] Keywordlist | A_


Syntax-Highlighting: (userDefineLang.xml)
To enable Syntax-Highlighting for Autohotkey, download the file (userDefineLang_AHK.xml) and save it in the right path (Notepad++\)
Then start Notepad++, click on Menu Language and add a custom one. Import your ahk_uDL. Restart Notepad++.

Auto-Completion: (AutoHotkey.xml)
To enable auto-completion for Autohotkey, download the file (Autohotkey.xml) and save it in the right path (Notepad++\plugins\APIs\)
Then go to Settings ? Preferences ? Auto-Completion and activate "Enable auto-completion on each input".
(recommendation: "From 2th character", "Function completion", "Function parameters hint on input").

Edited by jNizM, 09 January 2013 - 06:21 AM.

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Could you possibly upload it to something like Pastebin.com? (If you sign up on Pastebin, you can update the paste and keep the same URL)
After I downloaded it, it's over 1600 lines long (each word of the Words# is on it's own line) and even after manually editing it Notepad++ isn't recognizing it.

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Pastebin.com | [XML] NPP UserDefineLang for AHK
<!-- m -->http://pastebin.com/aNRhJtyy<!-- m -->
[AHK] x64 Unicode | [WIN] 10 Pro (Version 1709)
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do you know how to get auto-completion working? It used to in the early 5.x's (maybe 4.x's). then it slowly broke. I finally updated to 6.2 and now nothing is auto-completing. That is, nothing in UserDefineLang.xml. Yet other languages like PHP and AutoIt have working auto-complete.
Is there a specific file for it?

Solution found, it requires a file in %InstallDir%\plugins\APIs as described by
infogulch (whose links are dead)

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infogulch's Notepad++ Autohotkey Syntax Highlighting
infogulch's Notepad++ Autohotkey Autocomplete

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infogulch's Notepad++ Autohotkey Syntax Highlighting
infogulch's Notepad++ Autohotkey Autocomplete

They're outdated though.
jNizM's has an updated version of the Syntax Highlighting (above, and here)
And I merged infogulch's and a certain someone's autocomplete files here: http://pastebin.com/L4Fx9ZZj

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that's mine! "certain someone's".
also, I have made an updated word list, using scite4ahk's words. perhaps a certain someone will update his topic with it someday.

jNizM's has an updated version of the Syntax Highlighting (above, and here)

his lists don't utilize all 8 sections though, only the original 4.

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Ok so there's waaaaaay too many versions of syntax highlighting and autocompletion for notepad++ on this forum.

I made a github repo for them. https://github.com/infogulch/npp-ahk

If you want to edit, fork it, make your changes and submit a pull request. Keep the changes in small chunks with descriptive commit messages and I'll be more than happy to merge.

Hopefully this will mitigate this horrible versioning issue we're having.

Edit: I'll be updating my topic to link to github, and then post some simple instructions for how to contribute.

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Is there is anything special that you have to consider while making an autocomplete file?

I just used loop to get all of the keywords from the help file(index),removed those that are not commands and create the file with the correct formatting...it works fine.

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Is there a list for all ahk-keywords for AHK_L v1.1.08.01?


Keywordlist for AHK_L v1.1.08.01

[AHK_L] Keywordlist | #
[AHK_L] Keywordlist | A_
[AHK] x64 Unicode | [WIN] 10 Pro (Version 1709)
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My lists above (see infog's and twiz's links) have all words up to v1.1.08 (not sure if v1.1.08.01).
if v1.1.08.01 has added any new commands/functions/variables, it would be extremely easy for you to add to the list.

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Just curious...why a lot of the words don't appear when I type them even if they exist in the autocomplete file and are in the suggestion list but never selected or are way below the visible part of that tinny suggestions box

you could say almost anything that start with A
I tried all of the lists here but it's still the same.

And its there is some hidden settings in NPP to increase the size of the suggestions list

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notepad++ has a bug.
anything with a non-ABC charcter will not show up once you type the symbol.
So, any A_Variables (except A_L..., for some reason. Maybe because nothing else starts with an L.) or #thingies or ahk_whatever's, and so on, will not show up. or maybe they will, but once you type the symbol the list will disappear.

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not all words...
I found                            Your List

#AllowSameLineComments             #AllowSameLineComments
#ClipboardTimeout                  #ClipboardTimeout
#CommentFlag                       #CommentFlag
#ErrorStdOut                       #ErrorStdOut
#EscapeChar                        #EscapeChar
#HotkeyInterval                    #HotkeyInterval
#HotkeyModifierTimeout             #HotkeyModifierTimeout
#Hotstring                         #Hotstring
#IfWinActive                       #IfWinActive
#IfWinExist                        #IfWinExist
#Include                           #IfWinExist
#IncludeAgain                      #IncludeAgain
#InstallKeybdHook                  #InstallKeybdHook
#InstallMouseHook                  #InstallMouseHook
#KeyHistory                        #KeyHistory
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval             #MaxHotkeysPerInterval
#MaxMem                            #MaxMem
#MaxThreads                        #MaxThreads
#MaxThreadsBuffer                  #MaxThreadsBuffer
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey               #MaxThreadsPerHotkey
#NoEnv                             #NoEnv
#NoTrayIco                         #NoTrayIcon
#Persisten                         #Persistent
#SingleInstance                    #SingleInstance
#UseHook                           #UseHook
#WinActivateForce                  #WinActivateForce

[AHK] x64 Unicode | [WIN] 10 Pro (Version 1709)
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Since the forum was down,I wasn't able to reply sooner but I found the autocomplete problem with NPP and fixed it(kinda)

1.The program is really picky about the alphabetical sort order of the first and second character
2.If the first character is not a letter,it will be really hard to find the correct place to place that command so NPP can display it.
3.The program don't care if the first character is #,_ or { they won't appear when you select the keyword.
For example typing Numpad and select Numpad0,it will not add {Numpad0}(as it is in the list),but just Numpad0

I made the list to work with all of the keywords but I had to remove the functions hints because that will make finding the correct sort order harder and I actually wasn't able to make NPP show a single hint on any function so I just remove them from the list

4.The "additionalWordChar" doesn't do a thing.

Here is the list if someone want it.

<KeyWord name="Abort"/>
<KeyWord name="AboveNormal"/>
<KeyWord name="Abs"/>
<KeyWord name="ActiveX"/>
<KeyWord name="Add"/>
<KeyWord name="AddRef"/>
<KeyWord name="Ahk_class"/>
<KeyWord name="Ahk_exe"/>
<KeyWord name="Ahk_group"/>
<KeyWord name="Ahk_id"/>
<KeyWord name="Ahk_pid"/>
<KeyWord name="All"/>
<KeyWord name="AllowSameLineComments"/>
<KeyWord name="Alnum"/>
<KeyWord name="Alpha"/>
<KeyWord name="Alt"/>
<KeyWord name="AltDown"/>
<KeyWord name="AltSubmit"/>
<KeyWord name="AltTab"/>
<KeyWord name="AltTabAndMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="AltTabMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="AltTabMenuDismiss"/>
<KeyWord name="AltUp"/>
<KeyWord name="AlwaysOnTop"/>
<KeyWord name="And"/>
<KeyWord name="AppsKey"/>
<KeyWord name="Array"/>
<KeyWord name="Asc"/>
<KeyWord name="AutoTrim"/>
<KeyWord name="Autosize"/>
<KeyWord name="A_AHKPath"/>
<KeyWord name="A_AHKVersion"/>
<KeyWord name="A_AppData"/>
<KeyWord name="A_AppDataCommon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_AutoTrim"/>
<KeyWord name="A_BatchLines"/>
<KeyWord name="A_CaretX"/>
<KeyWord name="A_CaretY"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ComputerName"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ControlDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Cursor"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DD"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DDD"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DDDD"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DefaultMouseSpeed"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Desktop"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DesktopCommon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DetectHiddenText"/>
<KeyWord name="A_DetectHiddenWindows"/>
<KeyWord name="A_EndChar"/>
<KeyWord name="A_EventInfo"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ExitReason"/>
<KeyWord name="A_FormatFloat"/>
<KeyWord name="A_FormatInteger"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Gui"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiControl"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiControlevent"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiEvent"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiHeight"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiWidth"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiX"/>
<KeyWord name="A_GuiY"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Hour"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IPAddress1"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IPAddress2"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IPAddress3"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IPAddress4"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IconFile"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IconHidden"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IconNumber"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IconTip"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Index"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsAdmin"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsCompiled"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsCritical"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsPaused"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsSuspended"/>
<KeyWord name="A_IsUnicode"/>
<KeyWord name="A_KeyDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Language"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LastError"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LineFile"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LineNumber"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopField"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileAttrib"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileDir"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileExt"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileFullPath"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileLongPath"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileName"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileShortName"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileShortPath"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileSize"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileSizeKB"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileSizeMB"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileTimeAccessed"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileTimeCreated"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopFileTimeModified"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopReadLine"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopRegKey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopRegName"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopRegSubKey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopRegTimeModified"/>
<KeyWord name="A_LoopRegType"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MDay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MM"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MMM"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MMMM"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MSec"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Min"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Mon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MouseDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_MyDocuments"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Now"/>
<KeyWord name="A_NowUTC"/>
<KeyWord name="A_NumBatchLines"/>
<KeyWord name="A_OSType"/>
<KeyWord name="A_OSVersion"/>
<KeyWord name="A_PriorHotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_PriorKey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ProgramFiles"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Programs"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ProgramsCommon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_PtrSize"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScreenHeight"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScreenWidth"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScriptDir"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScriptFullPath"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScriptHwnd"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ScriptName"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Sec"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Space"/>
<KeyWord name="A_StartMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="A_StartMenuCommon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_StartUp"/>
<KeyWord name="A_StartUpcommon"/>
<KeyWord name="A_StringCaseSense"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Tab"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Temp"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisFunc"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisHotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisLabel"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisMenuItem"/>
<KeyWord name="A_ThisMenuItemPos"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TickCount"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TimeIdle"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TimeIdlePhysical"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TimeSincePriorHotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TimeSinceThisHotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TitleMatchMode"/>
<KeyWord name="A_TitleMatchModeSpeed"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Username"/>
<KeyWord name="A_WDay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_WinDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_WinDir"/>
<KeyWord name="A_WorkingDir"/>
<KeyWord name="A_YDay"/>
<KeyWord name="A_YWeek"/>
<KeyWord name="A_YYYY"/>
<KeyWord name="A_Year"/>
<KeyWord name="BS"/>
<KeyWord name="BackSpace"/>
<KeyWord name="Background"/>
<KeyWord name="BackgroundTrans"/>
<KeyWord name="Base"/>
<KeyWord name="BelowNormal"/>
<KeyWord name="Between"/>
<KeyWord name="BitAnd"/>
<KeyWord name="BitNot"/>
<KeyWord name="BitOr"/>
<KeyWord name="BitShiftLeft"/>
<KeyWord name="BitShiftRight"/>
<KeyWord name="BitXOr"/>
<KeyWord name="Blind"/>
<KeyWord name="BlockInput"/>
<KeyWord name="Bold"/>
<KeyWord name="Border"/>
<KeyWord name="Bottom"/>
<KeyWord name="Break"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserBack"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserFavorites"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserForward"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserHome"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserRefresh"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserSearch"/>
<KeyWord name="BrowserStop"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Back"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Favorites"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Forward"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Home"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Refresh"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Search"/>
<KeyWord name="Browser_Stop"/>
<KeyWord name="Button"/>
<KeyWord name="Buttons"/>
<KeyWord name="ByRef"/>
<KeyWord name="Call"/>
<KeyWord name="Cancel"/>
<KeyWord name="Capacity"/>
<KeyWord name="CapsLock"/>
<KeyWord name="Caption"/>
<KeyWord name="Ceil"/>
<KeyWord name="Center"/>
<KeyWord name="Check"/>
<KeyWord name="Check3"/>
<KeyWord name="Checkbox"/>
<KeyWord name="Checked"/>
<KeyWord name="CheckedGray"/>
<KeyWord name="Choose"/>
<KeyWord name="ChooseString"/>
<KeyWord name="Chr"/>
<KeyWord name="Click"/>
<KeyWord name="ClipWait"/>
<KeyWord name="Clipboard"/>
<KeyWord name="ClipboardTimeout"/>
<KeyWord name="Clipboardall"/>
<KeyWord name="Clone"/>
<KeyWord name="Close"/>
<KeyWord name="Color"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjActive"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjArray"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjConnect"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjCreate"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjEnwrap"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjError"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjFlags"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjGet"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjMissing"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjParameter"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjQuery"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjType"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjUnwrap"/>
<KeyWord name="ComObjValue"/>
<KeyWord name="Combobox"/>
<KeyWord name="CommentFlag"/>
<KeyWord name="Comspec"/>
<KeyWord name="Contains"/>
<KeyWord name="Continue"/>
<KeyWord name="Control"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlClick"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlFocus"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlGet"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlGetFocus"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlGetPos"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlGetText"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlList"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlListHWND"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlMove"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlSend"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlSendRaw"/>
<KeyWord name="ControlSetText"/>
<KeyWord name="CoordMode"/>
<KeyWord name="Cos"/>
<KeyWord name="Count"/>
<KeyWord name="Critical"/>
<KeyWord name="Ctrl"/>
<KeyWord name="CtrlBreak"/>
<KeyWord name="CtrlDown"/>
<KeyWord name="CtrlUp"/>
<KeyWord name="DDL"/>
<KeyWord name="Date"/>
<KeyWord name="DateTime"/>
<KeyWord name="Days"/>
<KeyWord name="Default"/>
<KeyWord name="Del"/>
<KeyWord name="Delete"/>
<KeyWord name="DeleteAll"/>
<KeyWord name="Delimiter"/>
<KeyWord name="Deref"/>
<KeyWord name="Destroy"/>
<KeyWord name="DetectHiddenText"/>
<KeyWord name="DetectHiddenWindows"/>
<KeyWord name="Digit"/>
<KeyWord name="Disable"/>
<KeyWord name="Disabled"/>
<KeyWord name="DllCall"/>
<KeyWord name="Down"/>
<KeyWord name="Drive"/>
<KeyWord name="DriveGet"/>
<KeyWord name="DriveSpaceFree"/>
<KeyWord name="DropDownList"/>
<KeyWord name="Edit"/>
<KeyWord name="Eject"/>
<KeyWord name="Else"/>
<KeyWord name="Enable"/>
<KeyWord name="Enabled"/>
<KeyWord name="End"/>
<KeyWord name="EndRepeat"/>
<KeyWord name="Enter"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvAdd"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvDiv"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvGet"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvMult"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvSet"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvSub"/>
<KeyWord name="EnvUpdate"/>
<KeyWord name="Error"/>
<KeyWord name="ErrorLevel"/>
<KeyWord name="ErrorStdOut"/>
<KeyWord name="Esc"/>
<KeyWord name="Escape"/>
<KeyWord name="EscapeChar"/>
<KeyWord name="ExStyle"/>
<KeyWord name="Exception"/>
<KeyWord name="Exit"/>
<KeyWord name="ExitApp"/>
<KeyWord name="Exp"/>
<KeyWord name="Expand"/>
<KeyWord name="Extends"/>
<KeyWord name="F1"/>
<KeyWord name="F10"/>
<KeyWord name="F11"/>
<KeyWord name="F12"/>
<KeyWord name="F13"/>
<KeyWord name="F14"/>
<KeyWord name="F15"/>
<KeyWord name="F16"/>
<KeyWord name="F17"/>
<KeyWord name="F18"/>
<KeyWord name="F19"/>
<KeyWord name="F2"/>
<KeyWord name="F20"/>
<KeyWord name="F21"/>
<KeyWord name="F22"/>
<KeyWord name="F23"/>
<KeyWord name="F24"/>
<KeyWord name="F3"/>
<KeyWord name="F4"/>
<KeyWord name="F5"/>
<KeyWord name="F6"/>
<KeyWord name="F7"/>
<KeyWord name="F8"/>
<KeyWord name="F9"/>
<KeyWord name="False"/>
<KeyWord name="FileAppend"/>
<KeyWord name="FileCopy"/>
<KeyWord name="FileCopyDir"/>
<KeyWord name="FileCreateDir"/>
<KeyWord name="FileCreateShortcut"/>
<KeyWord name="FileDelete"/>
<KeyWord name="FileEncoding"/>
<KeyWord name="FileExist"/>
<KeyWord name="FileGetAttrib"/>
<KeyWord name="FileGetShortcut"/>
<KeyWord name="FileGetSize"/>
<KeyWord name="FileGetTime"/>
<KeyWord name="FileGetVersion"/>
<KeyWord name="FileInstall"/>
<KeyWord name="FileMove"/>
<KeyWord name="FileMoveDir"/>
<KeyWord name="FileOpen"/>
<KeyWord name="FileRead"/>
<KeyWord name="FileReadLine"/>
<KeyWord name="FileRecycle"/>
<KeyWord name="FileRecycleEmpty"/>
<KeyWord name="FileRemoveDir"/>
<KeyWord name="FileSelectFile"/>
<KeyWord name="FileSelectFolder"/>
<KeyWord name="FileSetAttrib"/>
<KeyWord name="FileSetTime"/>
<KeyWord name="FileSystem"/>
<KeyWord name="First"/>
<KeyWord name="Flash"/>
<KeyWord name="Float"/>
<KeyWord name="Floatfast"/>
<KeyWord name="Floor"/>
<KeyWord name="Focus"/>
<KeyWord name="Font"/>
<KeyWord name="Force"/>
<KeyWord name="FormatTime"/>
<KeyWord name="Func"/>
<KeyWord name="Get"/>
<KeyWord name="GetAddress"/>
<KeyWord name="GetCapacity"/>
<KeyWord name="GetKeyName"/>
<KeyWord name="GetKeySC"/>
<KeyWord name="GetKeyState"/>
<KeyWord name="GetKeyVK"/>
<KeyWord name="Global"/>
<KeyWord name="Gosub"/>
<KeyWord name="Goto"/>
<KeyWord name="Grid"/>
<KeyWord name="Group"/>
<KeyWord name="GroupActivate"/>
<KeyWord name="GroupAdd"/>
<KeyWord name="GroupBox"/>
<KeyWord name="GroupClose"/>
<KeyWord name="GroupDeactivate"/>
<KeyWord name="Gui"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiClose"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiContextMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiControl"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiControlGet"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiDropFiles"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiEscape"/>
<KeyWord name="GuiSize"/>
<KeyWord name="HKCC"/>
<KeyWord name="HKCR"/>
<KeyWord name="HKCU"/>
<KeyWord name="HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT"/>
<KeyWord name="HKEY_CURRENT_USER"/>
<KeyWord name="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"/>
<KeyWord name="HKEY_USERS"/>
<KeyWord name="HKLM"/>
<KeyWord name="HScroll"/>
<KeyWord name="HasKey"/>
<KeyWord name="Hdr"/>
<KeyWord name="Hidden"/>
<KeyWord name="Hide"/>
<KeyWord name="HideAutoItWin"/>
<KeyWord name="High"/>
<KeyWord name="Hku"/>
<KeyWord name="Home"/>
<KeyWord name="Hotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="HotkeyInterval"/>
<KeyWord name="HotkeyModifierTimeout"/>
<KeyWord name="Hotstring"/>
<KeyWord name="Hours"/>
<KeyWord name="Hwnd"/>
<KeyWord name="ID"/>
<KeyWord name="IDLast"/>
<KeyWord name="IL_Add"/>
<KeyWord name="IL_Create"/>
<KeyWord name="IL_Destroy"/>
<KeyWord name="Icon"/>
<KeyWord name="IconSmall"/>
<KeyWord name="IfEqual"/>
<KeyWord name="IfExist"/>
<KeyWord name="IfGreater"/>
<KeyWord name="IfGreaterOrEqual"/>
<KeyWord name="IfInString"/>
<KeyWord name="IfLess"/>
<KeyWord name="IfLessOrEqual"/>
<KeyWord name="IfMsgBox"/>
<KeyWord name="IfNotEqual"/>
<KeyWord name="IfNotExist"/>
<KeyWord name="IfNotInString"/>
<KeyWord name="IfWinActive"/>
<KeyWord name="IfWinExist"/>
<KeyWord name="IfWinNotActive"/>
<KeyWord name="IfWinNotExist"/>
<KeyWord name="Ignore"/>
<KeyWord name="ImageList"/>
<KeyWord name="ImageSearch"/>
<KeyWord name="In"/>
<KeyWord name="InStr"/>
<KeyWord name="Include"/>
<KeyWord name="IncludeAgain"/>
<KeyWord name="IniDelete"/>
<KeyWord name="IniRead"/>
<KeyWord name="IniWrite"/>
<KeyWord name="Input"/>
<KeyWord name="InputBox"/>
<KeyWord name="Ins"/>
<KeyWord name="Insert"/>
<KeyWord name="InstallKeybdHook"/>
<KeyWord name="InstallMouseHook"/>
<KeyWord name="Integer"/>
<KeyWord name="IntegerFast"/>
<KeyWord name="Interrupt"/>
<KeyWord name="Is"/>
<KeyWord name="IsByref"/>
<KeyWord name="IsFunc"/>
<KeyWord name="IsObject"/>
<KeyWord name="Italic"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy1"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy10"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy11"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy12"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy13"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy14"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy15"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy16"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy17"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy18"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy19"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy2"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy20"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy21"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy22"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy23"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy24"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy25"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy26"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy27"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy28"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy29"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy3"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy30"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy31"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy32"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy4"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy5"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy6"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy7"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy8"/>
<KeyWord name="Joy9"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyAxes"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyButtons"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyInfo"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyName"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyPOV"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyR"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyU"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyV"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyX"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyY"/>
<KeyWord name="JoyZ"/>
<KeyWord name="Joyx"/>
<KeyWord name="KeyHistory"/>
<KeyWord name="KeyWait"/>
<KeyWord name="LAlt"/>
<KeyWord name="LButton"/>
<KeyWord name="LControl"/>
<KeyWord name="LCtrl"/>
<KeyWord name="LShift"/>
<KeyWord name="LTrim"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_Add"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_Delete"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_DeleteCol"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_GetCount"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_GetNext"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_GetText"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_Insert"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_InsertCol"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_Modify"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_ModifyCol"/>
<KeyWord name="LV_SetImagelist"/>
<KeyWord name="LWin"/>
<KeyWord name="LWinDown"/>
<KeyWord name="LWinUp"/>
<KeyWord name="Label"/>
<KeyWord name="LastFound"/>
<KeyWord name="LastFoundExist"/>
<KeyWord name="LaunchApp1"/>
<KeyWord name="LaunchApp2"/>
<KeyWord name="LaunchMail"/>
<KeyWord name="LaunchMedia"/>
<KeyWord name="Launch_App1"/>
<KeyWord name="Launch_App2"/>
<KeyWord name="Launch_Mail"/>
<KeyWord name="Launch_Media"/>
<KeyWord name="Left"/>
<KeyWord name="LeftClick"/>
<KeyWord name="LeftClickDrag"/>
<KeyWord name="Limit"/>
<KeyWord name="Lines"/>
<KeyWord name="Link"/>
<KeyWord name="List"/>
<KeyWord name="ListBox"/>
<KeyWord name="ListHotkeys"/>
<KeyWord name="ListLines"/>
<KeyWord name="ListVars"/>
<KeyWord name="ListView"/>
<KeyWord name="Ln"/>
<KeyWord name="Local"/>
<KeyWord name="Lock"/>
<KeyWord name="Log"/>
<KeyWord name="LogOff"/>
<KeyWord name="Loop"/>
<KeyWord name="Low"/>
<KeyWord name="Lower"/>
<KeyWord name="Lowercase"/>
<KeyWord name="MButton"/>
<KeyWord name="MainWindow"/>
<KeyWord name="Margin"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxHotkeysPerInterval"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxIndex"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxMem"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxThreads"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxThreadsBuffer"/>
<KeyWord name="MaxThreadsPerHotkey"/>
<KeyWord name="Maximize"/>
<KeyWord name="MaximizeBox"/>
<KeyWord name="MediaNext"/>
<KeyWord name="MediaPlayPause"/>
<KeyWord name="MediaPrev"/>
<KeyWord name="MediaStop"/>
<KeyWord name="Media_Next"/>
<KeyWord name="Media_Play_Pause"/>
<KeyWord name="Media_Prev"/>
<KeyWord name="Media_Stop"/>
<KeyWord name="Menu"/>
<KeyWord name="MinIndex"/>
<KeyWord name="MinMax"/>
<KeyWord name="Minimize"/>
<KeyWord name="MinimizeBox"/>
<KeyWord name="Minutes"/>
<KeyWord name="Mod"/>
<KeyWord name="MonitorCount"/>
<KeyWord name="MonitorName"/>
<KeyWord name="MonitorPrimary"/>
<KeyWord name="MonitorWorkArea"/>
<KeyWord name="MonthCal"/>
<KeyWord name="Mouse"/>
<KeyWord name="MouseClick"/>
<KeyWord name="MouseClickDrag"/>
<KeyWord name="MouseGetPos"/>
<KeyWord name="MouseMove"/>
<KeyWord name="MouseMoveOff"/>
<KeyWord name="Move"/>
<KeyWord name="MsgBox"/>
<KeyWord name="Multi"/>
<KeyWord name="Na"/>
<KeyWord name="New"/>
<KeyWord name="NewEnum"/>
<KeyWord name="No"/>
<KeyWord name="NoActivate"/>
<KeyWord name="NoDefault"/>
<KeyWord name="NoEnv"/>
<KeyWord name="NoHide"/>
<KeyWord name="NoIcon"/>
<KeyWord name="NoMainWindow"/>
<KeyWord name="NoSort"/>
<KeyWord name="NoSortHDR"/>
<KeyWord name="NoStandard"/>
<KeyWord name="NoTab"/>
<KeyWord name="NoTimers"/>
<KeyWord name="NoTrayIcon"/>
<KeyWord name="Norm"/>
<KeyWord name="Normal"/>
<KeyWord name="Not"/>
<KeyWord name="NumGet"/>
<KeyWord name="NumLock"/>
<KeyWord name="NumPut"/>
<KeyWord name="Number"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad0"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad1"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad2"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad3"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad4"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad5"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad6"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad7"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad8"/>
<KeyWord name="Numpad9"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadAdd"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadClear"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadDel"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadDiv"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadDot"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadDown"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadEnd"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadEnter"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadHome"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadIns"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadLeft"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadMult"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadPgdn"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadPgup"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadRight"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadSub"/>
<KeyWord name="NumpadUp"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjAddRef"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjClone"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjGetAddress"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjGetCapacity"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjHasKey"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjInsert"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjMaxIndex"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjMinIndex"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjNewEnum"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjRelease"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjRemove"/>
<KeyWord name="ObjSetCapacity"/>
<KeyWord name="Object"/>
<KeyWord name="Off"/>
<KeyWord name="Ok"/>
<KeyWord name="On"/>
<KeyWord name="OnExit"/>
<KeyWord name="OnMessage"/>
<KeyWord name="Or"/>
<KeyWord name="OutputDebug"/>
<KeyWord name="OwnDialogs"/>
<KeyWord name="Owner"/>
<KeyWord name="PGDN"/>
<KeyWord name="PGUP"/>
<KeyWord name="Parse"/>
<KeyWord name="Password"/>
<KeyWord name="Pause"/>
<KeyWord name="Persistent"/>
<KeyWord name="Pgdn"/>
<KeyWord name="Pgup"/>
<KeyWord name="Pic"/>
<KeyWord name="Picture"/>
<KeyWord name="Pid"/>
<KeyWord name="Pixel"/>
<KeyWord name="PixelGetColor"/>
<KeyWord name="PixelSearch"/>
<KeyWord name="Pos"/>
<KeyWord name="PostMessage"/>
<KeyWord name="Pow"/>
<KeyWord name="PrintScreen"/>
<KeyWord name="Priority"/>
<KeyWord name="Process"/>
<KeyWord name="ProcessName"/>
<KeyWord name="ProcessPath"/>
<KeyWord name="ProgramFiles"/>
<KeyWord name="Progress"/>
<KeyWord name="RAlt"/>
<KeyWord name="RButton"/>
<KeyWord name="RControl"/>
<KeyWord name="RCtrl"/>
<KeyWord name="REG_MULTI_SZ"/>
<KeyWord name="RGB"/>
<KeyWord name="RShift"/>
<KeyWord name="RTrim"/>
<KeyWord name="RWin"/>
<KeyWord name="RWinDown"/>
<KeyWord name="RWinUp"/>
<KeyWord name="Radio"/>
<KeyWord name="Random"/>
<KeyWord name="Range"/>
<KeyWord name="Raw"/>
<KeyWord name="Read"/>
<KeyWord name="ReadOnly"/>
<KeyWord name="RealTime"/>
<KeyWord name="Redraw"/>
<KeyWord name="RegDelete"/>
<KeyWord name="RegExMatch"/>
<KeyWord name="RegRead"/>
<KeyWord name="RegWrite"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Binary"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_DWord"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_DWord_Big_Endian"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Expand_SZ"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Full_Resource_Descriptor"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Link"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_QWord"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Resource_List"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_Resource_Requirements_List"/>
<KeyWord name="Reg_SZ"/>
<KeyWord name="Regex"/>
<KeyWord name="Relative"/>
<KeyWord name="Release"/>
<KeyWord name="Reload"/>
<KeyWord name="Remove"/>
<KeyWord name="Rename"/>
<KeyWord name="Repeat"/>
<KeyWord name="Report"/>
<KeyWord name="Resize"/>
<KeyWord name="Restore"/>
<KeyWord name="Retry"/>
<KeyWord name="Return"/>
<KeyWord name="Right"/>
<KeyWord name="RightClick"/>
<KeyWord name="RightClickDrag"/>
<KeyWord name="Round"/>
<KeyWord name="Run"/>
<KeyWord name="RunAs"/>
<KeyWord name="RunWait"/>
<KeyWord name="SB_SetIcon"/>
<KeyWord name="SB_SetParts"/>
<KeyWord name="SB_SetText"/>
<KeyWord name="Screen"/>
<KeyWord name="ScrollLock"/>
<KeyWord name="Seconds"/>
<KeyWord name="Section"/>
<KeyWord name="Send"/>
<KeyWord name="SendEvent"/>
<KeyWord name="SendInput"/>
<KeyWord name="SendLevel"/>
<KeyWord name="SendMessage"/>
<KeyWord name="SendMode"/>
<KeyWord name="SendPlay"/>
<KeyWord name="SendRaw"/>
<KeyWord name="Serial"/>
<KeyWord name="Set"/>
<KeyWord name="SetBatchLines"/>
<KeyWord name="SetCapacity"/>
<KeyWord name="SetCapslockState"/>
<KeyWord name="SetControlDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="SetDefaultMouseSpeed"/>
<KeyWord name="SetEnv"/>
<KeyWord name="SetFormat"/>
<KeyWord name="SetKeyDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="SetLabel"/>
<KeyWord name="SetMouseDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="SetNumlockState"/>
<KeyWord name="SetScrollLockState"/>
<KeyWord name="SetStoreCapslockMode"/>
<KeyWord name="SetTimer"/>
<KeyWord name="SetTitleMatchMode"/>
<KeyWord name="SetWinDelay"/>
<KeyWord name="SetWorkingDir"/>
<KeyWord name="Shift"/>
<KeyWord name="ShiftAltTab"/>
<KeyWord name="ShiftDown"/>
<KeyWord name="ShiftUp"/>
<KeyWord name="Show"/>
<KeyWord name="Shutdown"/>
<KeyWord name="Sin"/>
<KeyWord name="Single"/>
<KeyWord name="SingleInstance"/>
<KeyWord name="Sleep"/>
<KeyWord name="Slider"/>
<KeyWord name="Sort"/>
<KeyWord name="SortDesc"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundBeep"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundGet"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundGetWaveVolume"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundPlay"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundSet"/>
<KeyWord name="SoundSetWaveVolume"/>
<KeyWord name="Space"/>
<KeyWord name="SplashImage"/>
<KeyWord name="SplashTextOff"/>
<KeyWord name="SplashTextOn"/>
<KeyWord name="SplitPath"/>
<KeyWord name="Sqrt"/>
<KeyWord name="Standard"/>
<KeyWord name="Static"/>
<KeyWord name="Status"/>
<KeyWord name="StatusBar"/>
<KeyWord name="StatusBarGetText"/>
<KeyWord name="StatusBarWait"/>
<KeyWord name="StatusCD"/>
<KeyWord name="StrGet"/>
<KeyWord name="StrLen"/>
<KeyWord name="StrPut"/>
<KeyWord name="Strike"/>
<KeyWord name="StringCaseSense"/>
<KeyWord name="StringGetPos"/>
<KeyWord name="StringLeft"/>
<KeyWord name="StringLen"/>
<KeyWord name="StringLower"/>
<KeyWord name="StringMid"/>
<KeyWord name="StringReplace"/>
<KeyWord name="StringRight"/>
<KeyWord name="StringSplit"/>
<KeyWord name="StringTrimLeft"/>
<KeyWord name="StringTrimRight"/>
<KeyWord name="StringUpper"/>
<KeyWord name="Style"/>
<KeyWord name="SubStr"/>
<KeyWord name="Submit"/>
<KeyWord name="Suspend"/>
<KeyWord name="SysGet"/>
<KeyWord name="SysMenu"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_Add"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_Delete"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_Get"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetChild"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetCount"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetNext"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetParent"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetPrev"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetSelection"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_GetText"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_Modify"/>
<KeyWord name="TV_Setimagelist"/>
<KeyWord name="Tab"/>
<KeyWord name="Tab2"/>
<KeyWord name="Tabstop"/>
<KeyWord name="Tan"/>
<KeyWord name="Text"/>
<KeyWord name="Theme"/>
<KeyWord name="This"/>
<KeyWord name="Thread"/>
<KeyWord name="Tile"/>
<KeyWord name="Time"/>
<KeyWord name="Tip"/>
<KeyWord name="ToCodePage"/>
<KeyWord name="ToggleCheck"/>
<KeyWord name="ToggleEnable"/>
<KeyWord name="ToolTip"/>
<KeyWord name="ToolWindow"/>
<KeyWord name="Top"/>
<KeyWord name="Topmost"/>
<KeyWord name="TransColor"/>
<KeyWord name="Transform"/>
<KeyWord name="Transparent"/>
<KeyWord name="Tray"/>
<KeyWord name="TrayTip"/>
<KeyWord name="Treeview"/>
<KeyWord name="Trim"/>
<KeyWord name="True"/>
<KeyWord name="Type"/>
<KeyWord name="Uncheck"/>
<KeyWord name="Underline"/>
<KeyWord name="Unicode"/>
<KeyWord name="Unlock"/>
<KeyWord name="Up"/>
<KeyWord name="UpDown"/>
<KeyWord name="Upper"/>
<KeyWord name="Uppercase"/>
<KeyWord name="UrlDownloadToFile"/>
<KeyWord name="UseErrorLevel"/>
<KeyWord name="UseHook"/>
<KeyWord name="VScroll"/>
<KeyWord name="VarSetCapacity"/>
<KeyWord name="Vis"/>
<KeyWord name="VisFirst"/>
<KeyWord name="Visible"/>
<KeyWord name="VolumeDown"/>
<KeyWord name="VolumeMute"/>
<KeyWord name="VolumeUp"/>
<KeyWord name="Volume_Down"/>
<KeyWord name="Volume_Mute"/>
<KeyWord name="WaitClose"/>
<KeyWord name="WantCtrlA"/>
<KeyWord name="WantF2"/>
<KeyWord name="WantReturn"/>
<KeyWord name="WantTab"/>
<KeyWord name="WheelDown"/>
<KeyWord name="WheelLeft"/>
<KeyWord name="WheelRight"/>
<KeyWord name="WheelUp"/>
<KeyWord name="While"/>
<KeyWord name="WinActivate"/>
<KeyWord name="WinActivateBottom"/>
<KeyWord name="WinActivateForce"/>
<KeyWord name="WinActive"/>
<KeyWord name="WinClose"/>
<KeyWord name="WinExist"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGet"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetActiveStats"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetActiveTitle"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetClass"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetPos"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetText"/>
<KeyWord name="WinGetTitle"/>
<KeyWord name="WinHide"/>
<KeyWord name="WinKill"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMaximize"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMenuSelectItem"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMinimize"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMinimizeAll"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMinimizeAllUndo"/>
<KeyWord name="WinMove"/>
<KeyWord name="WinRestore"/>
<KeyWord name="WinSet"/>
<KeyWord name="WinSetTitle"/>
<KeyWord name="WinShow"/>
<KeyWord name="WinWait"/>
<KeyWord name="WinWaitActive"/>
<KeyWord name="WinWaitClose"/>
<KeyWord name="WinWaitNotActive"/>
<KeyWord name="Wrap"/>
<KeyWord name="XButton1"/>
<KeyWord name="XButton2"/>
<KeyWord name="XDigit"/>
<KeyWord name="Yes"/>
<KeyWord name="shiftup"/>
<KeyWord name="volumeUp"/>

PS.I also removed the single character autocomplete suggestions...no idea why would anyone want autocomplete for single character