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[Wrapper] Scintilla Wrapper v1.4.2.4

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Hello, I have been enjoying these wrappers for Scintilla so far!

Is there any way to remove a scintilla component from a running AHK script? For example, I use the following Scintilla object to temporarily collect user input:

sci3 := new scintilla
sci3.Add(hwndtab, x, 515, 590, 140, a_scriptdir "\scilexer.dll")
sci3.SetWrapMode(true), sci3.SetLexer(SCLEX_AHKL), sci3.StyleClearAll()

This creates the desired scintilla at the desired spot. However, is there any way to remove this Scintilla object from the frame?


Failing that, is there any reliable way to resize/move an existing Scintilla object out of the frame when it is unnecessary?

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How can I remove a style?  I want to remove ExStyle, 0x20000 - the sunken border so it looks flat.  I also want to remove the horizontal scrollbar.

(AutoHotkey on Windows 7 Pro x64)

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