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VLC Media Player - Left Click to Pause/Play - Continued

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As I was enjoying my multi touch screen and my favorite Media Player in Windows 8,

I noticed I could not tap/click to play/pause the video.
I found the following topic from joelpt about a AHK-fix for that:
Sadly I could not get the code to work.
So as a mad newbie I started to learn how the code works and compare it to how AHK v1.1.09.02 prescribes it.
It seemed that I only had to clean up a bit and remove the last part.

I don't know if the last part was really needed. It's so new to me.

I removed the comments because it looks clean and you can find the original comments in the code in the post above.

Thanks to joelpt who created the original code.


I really wanted this to "get out there" because a lot of the VLC Media Player community screamed for this function, which is in all the other good media players, but the dev's reserved it for something else.


Feel free to enlighten me.

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I haven't tested this, but how about fulscreen already running VLC player?

currently I am using screencoordinates to fullscreen by double mouse clicks.







I just used



SendInput, {f}



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I tried with AHK_L worked  ( leftbutton play/pause )

I use SPACE for play/pause http://wiki.videolan.org/Hotkeys

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Hi, sorry for reviving an old topic, but i'm sure this will be useful for lots of people.

The script posted does not work properly on latest versions of vlc player i.e.  2.1.4


I modified the script to make it work as follows:


#IfWinActive ahk_class QWidget
 MouseGetPos, , , ,control
if (SubStr(control, 1, 7)=="VLC MSW")
SendInput, {Space}

tested on ahk, thanks to the original authors for the base script.

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Updated for VLC 2.2.0-rc2, tested with ahk

;; Left click a video to pause/unpause it in VLC Media Player
#If IsMouseOver("- VLC media player")
    ; Note: VLC window is already active here due to ~ in ~LButton
    MouseGetPos _, _, _, ctrl ; Get name of control under mouse pointer
    if (SubStr(ctrl, 1, 17) == "VLC video output ") ; Is it the VLC video control?
        SendInput, {Space} ; Play/pause VLC

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iv'e been looking for this for days but i didn't find any script that is working and none of the scripts here works, but i want to share with you this code i just tried it and did work with the latest version of vlc

SetTitleMatchMode, 2

#IfWinActive, VLC media player

WinGetPos,,,WW,HH, A
if ((XX >= WW*0.20) and (XX <= WW*0.80) and (YY >= HH*0.20) and (YY <= HH*0.70))
    Send {Space}