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Autohotkey: a beginner's video guide

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Brilliant! Absolutely amazing. I wished to have had tutorials like these at the time I've started with AHK (while it was still a fork of AutoIt!)

You adopted Chris Mallet's attitude to keep it simple - one of the toughest challenges. Well done!


Hope to see some more happy.png


PS: I seem to remember that you can change the filetype options of a save-dialog with swapping its values at the registry (RegWrite).

PPS: Degustibus non est disputandum ... but the color setting of your windows ... *can't find a smiley to express my feelings*

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Very well done.

CPM guy
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Excellent work.  Your crystal clear step-by-step explanation (with fancy highlighted visuals!) is exactly what we newbies need.  Thanks!  I started on computers that did not even have arrow keys, let alone a mouse, and learned to do all my work with keyboard commands. Have pretty much hated every interface that has come along since, as they all force me to take my hands off the keyboard -- and are all slower than what was used to. 

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Amazing job on the video; truly well done.


I would love to see a Gui tutorial type video from you as surely anyone could benefit greatly from being walked through your methodologies in making Gui scripts that can enhance functionality of their systems.