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New SciTE4AutoHotkey extension system available for testing

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Released as v3.0.04

An Extension mechanism has been finally implemented into SciTE4AutoHotkey, and a Preview/WIP build is now available for testing.

Extension documentation

Sample extension: C/C++ syntax highlighting
Sample extension: Port of Lexikos' AutoComplete.lua

v3.0.03-post1 (Preview/WIP)

Changes and new features:
Added work-in-progress Extension support and framework.
Rewritten Active Window Info in script.
All tools now obey default.text.font instead of hardcoding Courier New.
Scriptlet Utility: major UI redesign.

Syntax definition: added missing A_FileEncoding and removed #AllowSameLineComments.
MsgBox Creator: minor bugfixes and cleanup.

Removed functionality:
AutoScriptWriter, due to it being outdated; use Pulover's Macro Creator instead.
AutoHotkey.net Tool, due to the discontinuation of said service.
SplashImage Maker, due to uselessness.
Compile_AHK II support, as it was obsoleted by new Ahk2Exe functionality.

Offtopic: I will be on vacation from July 13th to 21th, and I may or may not have internet access, so expect inactivity from me.