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I wrote this cause I post too much "what is too much", is he from the suport team? But I am sorry, but the search mode is bad, people do not post their thread as questions.
And I had a hard time to create at first a LABEL, and the only help in the doccumentation was ISLABLE and people told me not to use that, finaly I got one person write me to creat it with anyname with : at the end. Tutorial is good but, it miss that one.
And also french documentation translation is half completed.


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Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:41 pm Post subject:


Dear feejo,

You have been posting a lot of questions in a short timespan already. Most of your questions are basic stuff, and the answers can be found by simply reading the tutorial/quick-start/documentation.

Please spend your time on learning a bit about AHK, before spamming the forum with questions. Sure, most are willing to help, but most are not willing to keep on pointing you to the obvious.

If you are having problems with the English language, try the French documentation instead.


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"what is too much", is he from the suport team?

You may call him a "Well wisher"


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Dear feejo,

I'm a nobody here, though I've been around a lot longer than you. Maybe you found my posting offensive, but you are a registered member here since 10 days, and have been posting over 60 postings already.

And, what I said is still true, you have been posting questions that you easily could have found the answers to yourself. You might not like me pointing that out, but it was not because I wanted to be mean to you or anything.

Please do read the FAQ/Tutorial/Documentation before asking questions, it helps you learn the language, you won't learn as much if you just ask in the forum, and get the answer.
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