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Element Switcher

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During my Engineering and Chemistry work I have noticed that my teachers can be rather lazy with their notes. Quite often I will have a teacher put up Au, Cr, Uup on the board. Some are obvious like Gold and Chromium but what is Uup?


This script is a text replaces that changes the Element Symbol for the Element Name or Element Name back to Element Symbol by using a special character after the Symbol/Name. In this case it is the ` key which is the one located on the same spot as the Tilde key above Tab on my keyboard.


I will post the script in AHK form so anyone that wants to use this simply needs to open with your desired editor and press Ctrl+F (usually) to open Find then select replace and replace all ` with your new Special Key.


Click Here to Download V1.0:


Please let me know if you want anything added, changed or if I have missed an element tongue.png - I will work on some minor features to try and improve its features happy.png


Hope this is of use,



Oh and Uup is the symbol for Ununpentium - an element which was discovered in 2003 but only proven to exist on August 27th 2013