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ImageScale & C(ompress)Jpeg [CMD]

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ImageScale is designed to be run from the command prompt. It takes five arguments, three of which are mandatory:

imagescale InputFile sx sy [dx] [dy]

Sx and sy are the dimensions of the source InputFile, and dx/dy are the desired dimensions of the destination or output file. If dx and dy are not specified, the file will be scaled to 640x480. ImageScale will scale the InputFile and create a new output file. The new file will be placed in the same directory with the input, and will have a name composed with the input file name followed by the new dimensions. If a file with that name already exists, it will be overwritten. The input file name is assumed to be composed following the convention used by ScreenCap: "N-TTTTTT-X-Y.bmp" where: N is a sequence number, TTTTTT is the time of the capture, and X and Y are the mouse coordinates. A standard arrow shaped red mouse cursor will be inserted into the output image with its point at {X,Y} relative to the source file dimensions.

Cjpeg is a jpeg compression utility written by The Independent JPEG Group. It is fully documented at http://www.ijg.org/ To see its usage message, just run it without arguments. For our purposes it will normally be sufficient to call it simply with:

cjpeg inputfile.bmp outputfile.jpg