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Gray-out Lisbox with checkbox

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Dear AHK users and programmers,
first I like to say AHK changed my life!
I can't think of a more beautiful program than AHK.
But it requires some knowledge of the program.
That is where I could really use some of you're help.
I've set up a little GUI for my script. It's a rather simple GUI it basically consists of 3 things;
A check box, A list box and A Send button.
When the check box is checked and some data is filled in I press Send. When the check box was checked 
it will send data to my script / program. When not check it will do nothing.
Now all that is going well. But 
I would really like the list boxes underneath a unchecked check box, to be Grayed-out.
Now I've read the parts of GUI Control, and I must say it really sounds a lot like what I want.
Only one problem, I want the list boxes to be Grayed-out when I start the script. When I check
the check box the list boxes must become available. 
Is there a way for to accomplish this? 
Any help would be appreciated