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Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by Frosti » 27 Mar 2020, 07:28

EuroMomo is hosted in Denmark. I can`t managed what organisation is behind it. If I understand what they do, so they used an algorithm to evaluate statistical the saisonal flu overdeath. So I think it's not possible to see a small excess in any other infection cases. Am I right?

I'm now a indicated person who stands in contact with 5 covid-19 cases. No problem for me and the family stays well. My first case. Awaiting the next one's.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by guest3456 » 23 Mar 2020, 00:23

garry wrote:
22 Mar 2020, 16:18
you mean , you see advertising ? I use uBlock Origin
and youtube-dl.exe is working yet ...
yes i'm now seeing advertising as of 2 days ago :(

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by garry » 22 Mar 2020, 16:18

you mean , you see advertising ? I use uBlock Origin
and youtube-dl.exe is working yet ...

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by guest3456 » 22 Mar 2020, 14:37

adblock plus is no longer blocking youtube for me. is anyone else seeing this?

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by gregster » 21 Mar 2020, 19:56

Well, Euromo explictily states to take its data re Covid with caution because it might not be up-to-date (and just a few days can make a big difference, when we are on an trajectory with exponential growth). Locally, like in the Milan/Bergamo area, for example, there is definitely a large spike in mortality.

Apart from that: every other website, forum, social medium and personal interaction is already dominated by Covid. Do we really need to replicate that here again?
I understand that sharing is also a coping mechanism, but imho, at some point, the marginal added value is getting pretty small.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by Frosti » 21 Mar 2020, 15:52

visit Euromo. Theres no extra mortality this year!

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by nnnik » 21 Mar 2020, 08:42

The 3.4% figure is just the number of confirmed cases vs. confirmed deaths. Its also outdated - doing the same calculation now would yield a mortality rate of 4.17%.
While the 0.1 just maybe mixing the values up with the seasonal flu mortality.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by SOTE » 21 Mar 2020, 08:00

As the coronavirus is very serious and hopefully we don't want people to be misinformed, the WHO estimates the death rate at 3.4%, and that it's 10X more lethal than seasonal flu (which estimates are at 0.1%). This is based on confirmed cases being diagnosed, and then calculating death and survival rates. While it's true there are many people who are untested, it also means there can be many who have died from the coronavirus that weren't diagnosed properly, particularly earlier on when people didn't know what it was or didn't think it was in their country.


The NY Times gave an adjusted report that the death rate in Wuhan China was 1.4%, based on the journal Nature Medicine. But be it 3.4% or 1.4%, that will still be a lot of people dying, because of how contagious the coronavirus is. And people can hide indoors for only so long.


Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by nnnik » 21 Mar 2020, 07:13

The high lethality simply stems from the effect that only a minor portion of the infected populace is actually tested positively for the virus. (The actual lethality is assumed to be around 0.1%)

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by Frosti » 21 Mar 2020, 04:22

We have a lost of hope! Short version.
There's a big gap between letality in Italy and Germany. Why? In Germany mostly we do nothing in virus infections like the flu and in this case corona virus. Italian medical professionals applied their patients (it's documented in only one case at moment) a mixture of up to 5 drugs in hope this will help. One was used in a high dose. The problem is interaction. They used an antibiotic drug that we avoid here (Moxifloxacin - is better not to give old people). They use 2 drugs against HIV and not enough they used Interferon , an biological protein that increases the reaction of the immune system. In most cases this protein induces fever. So the immune system is pushed to maximum reaction and what will happen? It kills the virus and the infected body cell. This is like deleting parts on your HDD by physical destroying the sector. How long your HDD will stay alive. I see only one case. But if this the main action in italy, this is the answer for the gap in my question I thought about one week. China used less drugs, but they used untested drugs for this virus. So I think there's no big problem at now. The problem is for a doctor, do nothing and the patient died, you get in contact with the law. The german position (i hope we preferred it for the future) is watchfull waiting and this looks like we do nothing. The goverment is still in same position. If they waiting (do nothing) the people have the feelings that there's no protection. But now we have an exponential overprotection in Europe. Such overprotection will stop infection spreading for a moment, but shown in history cases, the infection comes back and sadly more dangerous. If we have no vaccination only immune people can stop spreading.

Remark: this is my opinion today. There's no good data about this virus. It's not possible to measure the infection status in sick people at now. We talk about a ghost. The used test at moment has a high error rate due to the technology used (PCR). It detects the virus RNA. One molecule and the test is positiv. We can not say this tested people is infected, maybe your desk is also positiv. So be calmed!

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by gregster » 21 Mar 2020, 01:57

I sincerely hoped nobody would ask... ;) Let's hope it's gonna be good.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by nnnik » 21 Mar 2020, 01:38


Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by Frosti » 20 Mar 2020, 14:26

Don't be confused by the confusing messages! Nothing is going on right now except what we're cheering on at the moment. The big crisis is not this virus!

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by garry » 17 Mar 2020, 07:23


20200315 ISIS tells its terrorists not to travel to Europe for jihad — because of coronavirus

Amazon said Monday that it needs to hire 100,000 people across the U.S. to keep up with a crush of orders and will temporarily raise pay for hourly workers

Taiwan is a leader in infectious disease prevention
Taiwan is a leader in infectious disease prevention, disaster relief and other areas,
American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Brent Christensen said yesterday, urging Taiwanese to take pride in the nation.
Christensen made the remarks while opening the touring exhibition “US-Taiwan Relations Since 1979”
at the National Taipei University (NTPU) library in New Taipei City’s Sansia District (三峽).

20200314 use alcohol / vodka
What he found “surprising”, however, was the difference in the bacterial count for the girl who washed her hands with vodka:
From 340 colonies to 147 colonies, a 57 per cent reduction.
“Alcohol has a very strong antibacterial activity, or antimicrobial activity.
It can kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould”
He thought his father, however, had the dirtiest hands as a car mechanic.
But when bacterial samples taken from their hands were analysed at the Changi General Hospital,
microbiologist Crystal Wong found that the mother had the most bacteria
The highest concentration of staphylococcus aureus — which can cause pneumonia, among other diseases —
was found on mobile phones followed by shopping trolleys.

20200318 Ransomware Gangs to Stop Attacking Health Orgs During Pandemic
the operators of the Maze, DoppelPaymer, Ryuk, Sodinokibi/REvil, PwndLocker, and Ako Ransomware infections to ask if they would continue targeting health and medical organizations during the outbreak.
"We also stop all activity versus all kinds of medical organizations until the stabilization of the situation with virus." ... nice :)

Italy reported its biggest daily rise in deaths on Wednesday, with 475 new fatalities.
The country now has 35,713 cases – approaching half the total for China, which stands at 81,102.
Police stopped and checked 700,000 citizens between 11 and 17 March, 43,000 of whom were found to have violated the decree,
which also ordered the closing of shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by TheArkive » 13 Mar 2020, 11:03

Just want to give well wishes (even if it is ineffective) to all coping with COVID.

And in the meantime, hopefully everyone is finding some of their own peace in the storm.


Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by Joe Glines » 13 Mar 2020, 08:14

Normally I'd be excited to see something like this however every link I clicked was blocked my my antivirus.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by jballi » 09 Mar 2020, 16:35

OK, Italy is down. Godspeed to those who live there or who have family or friends who live there.

Edit: Godspeed to all affected areas and to the soon-to-be affected areas.

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by TLM » 01 Mar 2020, 19:46

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by joedf » 26 Feb 2020, 10:10

Lol. Everything still works, just horribly slow. :mrgreen: Part of the problem might on our host. :b

Re: « What's on your mind? »

Post by nnnik » 26 Feb 2020, 03:35