BBCode code tags: list of programming languages

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Re: BBCode code tags: list of programming languages

Post by jeeswg » 11 Sep 2018, 02:16

- Thanks a lot Helgef.
- When using 'Full Editor & Preview' on a new post, or the Edit button on an existing post, in the top-left corner, there is a drop-down list titled 'Select code'.
- Note: 'text' is official, not 'txt'. I've changed the OP to reflect this.

- List of programming languages and code tags.

Code: Select all

0 [Select code]
autohotkey [AHK (AutoHotkey)]
text [TXT (Text)]
robots [TXT (Robots.txt)]
asm [ASM (Assembly)]
asp [ASP]
autoit [AU3 (AutoIT)]
dos [BAT (DOS)]
bash [BSH (Bash)]
c [C]
cobol [CBL (COBOL)]
cmake [CMAKE]
cpp [CPP (C++)]
csharp [CS (C#)]
css [CSS]
html4strict [HTML (HTML4)]
html5 [HTML (HTML5)]
ini [INI]
java [JAVA (Java)]
java5 [JAVA (Java 5)]
javascript [JS (JavaScript)]
jquery [JS (jQuery)]
lua [LUA]
matlab [M (MatLab)]
make [MAKE]
nsis [NSI (NSIS)]
delphi [PAS (Delphi)]
pascal [PAS (Pascal)]
php [PHP]
php-brief [PHP (Brief)]
perl [PL (Perl)]
perl6 [PL (Perl 6)]
pcre [PL (PCRE)]
powershell [PS1 (PowerShell)]
python [PY (Python)]
ruby [RB (Ruby)]
reg [REG (Registry)]
mysql [SQL (MySQL)]
oracle8 [SQL (Oracle 8)]
oracle11 [SQL (Oracle 11)]
postgresql [SQL (PostgreSQL)]
sql [SQL (SQL)]
latex [TEX (LaTeX)]
verilog [V (Verilog)]
vbnet [VB (VB.NET)]
vb [VB (VisualBasic)]
xml [XML]
yaml [YML (YAML)]
text [--------- [0-9] ---------]
4cs [GADV 4CS]
6502acme [ACME Cross Assembler]
6502kickass [Kick Assembler]
6502tasm [TASM/64TASS]
68000devpac [Motorola 68000]
text [---------- [A-B-C] ----------]
abap [ABAP]
actionscript [ActionScript]
actionscript3 [ActionScript3]
ada [ADA]
algol68 [ALGOL 68]
apache [Apache]
applescript [AppleScript]
apt_sources [Apt Sources]
arm [ARM Assembler]
asymptote [Asymptote]
autoconf [AutoConf]
avisynth [AviSynth]
awk [Awk]
bascomavr [Bascom AVR]
basic4gl [Basic4GL]
bf [Brainfuck]
bibtex [BibTeX]
blitzbasic [BlitzBasic]
bnf [Backus-Naur Form]
boo [Boo]
c_loadrunner [C For LoadRunner]
c_mac [C For MAC]
caddcl [CAD DCL]
cadlisp [CAD Lisp]
cfdg [CFDG]
cfm [ColdFusion]
chaiscript [ChaiScript]
cil [CIL]
clojure [Clojure]
coffeescript [CoffeeScript]
cpp-qt [CPP-QT]
cuesheet [Cuesheet]
text [---------- [D-E-F] ----------]
d [D]
dcl [DCL]
dcpu16 [DCPU/16 Assembly]
dcs [DCS]
diff [DIFF]
div [DIV]
dot [Dot]
e [E]
ecmascript [ECMAScript]
eiffel [Eiffel]
email [Email]
epc [Enerscript]
erlang [Erlang]
euphoria [Euphoria]
f1 [Formula One]
falcon [Falcon]
fo [Abas-ERP]
fortran [Fortran]
freebasic [FreeBasic]
freeswitch [FreeSWITCH]
fsharp [FSharp]
text [---------- [G-H-I] ----------]
gambas [Gambas]
gdb [GDB]
genero [FOURJ's Genero 4GL]
genie [Genie]
gettext [GNU Gettext]
glsl [glSlang]
gml [GML]
gnuplot [Gnuplot]
go [Go]
groovy [Groovy]
gwbasic [GwBasic]
haskell [Haskell]
haxe [Haxe]
hicest [HicEst]
hq9plus [HQ9+]
inno [Inno]
icon [Icon]
idl [Uno Idl]
io [Io]
text [---------- [J-K-L] ----------]
j [J]
kixtart [Kixtart]
klonec [KLone C]
klonecpp [KLone C++]
lb [Liberty BASIC]
ldif [LDIF]
lisp [Generic Lisp]
llvm [LLVM]
locobasic [Locomotive Basic]
logtalk [Logtalk]
lolcode [LOLcode]
lotusformulas [Lotus Notes @Formulas]
lotusscript [LotusScript]
lscript [LScript]
lsl2 [LSL2]
text [---------- [M-N-O] ----------]
m68k [Motorola 68000 Assembler]
magiksf [MagikSF]
mapbasic [MapBasic]
mirc [mIRC]
mmix [MMIX]
modula2 [Modula-2]
modula3 [Modula-3]
mpasm [Microchip Assembler]
mxml [MXML]
nagios [Nagios]
netrexx [NetRexx]
newlisp [newLISP]
oberon2 [Oberon-2]
objc [Objective-C]
objeck [Objeck]
ocaml [OCaml]
ocaml-brief [OCaml (Brief)]
octave [GNU Octave]
oobas [ Basic]
oorexx [ooRexx]
oxygene [Oxygene (Delphi Prism)]
oz [Oz]
text [--------- [P-Q-R-S] ---------]
parasail [ParaSail]
parigp [PARI/GP]
per [Per]
pf [OpenBSD Packet Filter]
pic16 [PIC16]
pike [Pike]
pixelbender [Pixel Bender 1.0]
pli [PL/I]
plsql [PL/SQL]
povray [Povray]
powerbuilder [PowerBuilder]
proftpd [ProFTPd]
progress [Progress]
prolog [Prolog]
properties [PROPERTIES]
providex [ProvideX]
purebasic [PureBasic]
pycon [Python (console mode)]
pys60 [Python for S60]
q [Q/Kdb+]
qbasic [QBasic/QuickBASIC]
rails [Rails]
rebol [Rebol]
rexx [Rexx]
rpmspec [RPM Specification]
rsplus [R]
sas [SAS]
scala [Scala]
scheme [Scheme]
scilab [SciLab]
sdlbasic [sdlBasic]
smalltalk [SmallTalk]
smarty [Smarty]
spark [SPARK]
sparql [SPARQL]
stonescript [StoneScript]
systemverilog [SystemVerilog]
text [---------- [T-U-V] ----------]
tcl [TCL/iTCL]
teraterm [Tera Term Macro]
thinbasic [thinBasic]
tsql [T-SQL]
typoscript [TypoScript]
unicon [Unicon]
upc [UPC]
urbi [Urbi]
uscript [UnrealScript]
vala [Vala]
vedit [Vedit]
vhdl [VHSIC]
vim [Vim Script]
visualfoxpro [Visual FoxPro]
visualprolog [Visual Prolog]
text [--------- [W-X-Y-Z] ---------]
whitespace [Whitespace]
whois [Whois (RPSL format)]
winbatch [WinBatch]
xbasic [XBasic]
xorg_conf [Xorg configuration]
xpp [X++]
z80 [ZiLOG Z80 Assembler]
zxbasic [ZXBasic]
- Code to retrieve the text.

Code: Select all

;WBGet function - AutoHotkey Community

;click to edit a post, and run this code on the webpage

q:: ;AHK forum BBCode drop-down list - get text
WinGet, hWnd, ID, A
oWB := WBGet("ahk_id " hWnd)
vOutput := ""
VarSetCapacity(vOutput, 10000*2)
oElt := oWB.document.getElementsByName("addbbcode_codeboxplus").0
oElts := oElt.getElementsByTagName("option")
Loop, % oElts.length
	oElt := oElts[A_Index-1]
	vOutput .= oElt.value " [" oElt.innerText "]`r`n"
oWB := oElts := oElt := ""
Clipboard := vOutput
MsgBox, % "done"

Re: BBCode code tag examples

Post by Helgef » 11 Sep 2018, 02:12

there is a drop-down list , select code, in the post editor.

BBCode code tags: list of programming languages

Post by jeeswg » 11 Sep 2018, 01:57

- I have discovered some useful code tags by trial and error.
- Does anyone have a longer/fuller list of these? Thanks.

Code: Select all

[code=autohotkey file=MyFile.ahk][note: not 'autohotkey file', but separate code/file tags]

[code=][doesn't work]
[code=ahk][equivalent to 'text' it appears]
code=autohotkey file=MyFile.ahk

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"

Code: Select all

MsgBox, % "hello"