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by pplatinumss
24 Apr 2019, 13:46
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: AutoHotkey & NVIDIA (NvAPI)
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Re: AutoHotkey & NVIDIA (NvAPI)

can this be tweaked to control Brightness COntrast & Gamma?
by pplatinumss
08 Apr 2019, 16:49
Forum: Ask For Help
Topic: Traytip in #include'd file.
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Traytip in #include'd file.

Traytip in #include'd file. I cannot get the Traytip to fire if its in an .ahk file that has been #include'd from another file. Traytips do fire if i run the included file independantly. need help and possible solutions. (Im a beginner btw, and i could not integrate the 2nd file with the first for s...

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