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by Adventurer
14 Mar 2020, 02:11
Forum: AutoHotkey v2 Development
Topic: v2 breaking changes policy Topic is solved
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Re: v2 breaking changes policy Topic is solved

this thread just reminded me that AHK v2 is 8 years old and still not even out of alpha stage. v2 was meant for breaking changes to fix the quirks of the language syntax to make it more consistent and easier to understand. it was NOT meant for new features. all of these new features should have bee...
by Adventurer
30 Jan 2020, 09:37
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: WinClip - AHKv2 Compatibility
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Re: WinClip - AHKv2 Compatibility

GetHtml() and iGetHtml() seem to mangle non-ASCII characters. Changing the output from CP0 to UTF-8 seems to fix it.
by Adventurer
24 Jan 2020, 08:46
Forum: Suggestions on documentation improvements
Topic: Archived board de-indexing
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Archived board de-indexing

While this is a bit tangential to documentation improvements, a lot of confusion is derived from archived posts being among the top of Google search results rather than anything from the documentation or the new forum. Most of the help the archived boards provide has become very out of date in sever...
by Adventurer
20 Jan 2020, 08:36
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: installing AHKv2 and setting up a .ahk2 extension
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Re: installing AHKv2 and setting up a .ahk2 extension

The default extension of ahkv2 files will be .ahk Not sure if it's appropriate to bump a 6 month old thread, but this information is still very valuable and it's something I tried to do myself before. In my opinion, I think AHKv2 should always register .ahk2 as a format, and register .ahk as well i...
by Adventurer
17 Jul 2019, 17:42
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: Function: IniRead()
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Re: Function: IniRead()

Hi there, This would be my mod of the class. Basically, I extended it with handling default values, changed the While to a For Loop and modified the RegEx to handle comments correctly. Thus, I hope it is more robust against human interaction with the ini file. IniFileName := A_ScriptDir "\MyIniFile...

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