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by New_ahk_kid
15 Apr 2020, 01:36
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Topic: Finding and Clicking on an Image
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Re: Finding and Clicking on an Image

imageSearchC(ix,iy,0,0,a_screenWidth,a_screenHeight,"C:\Users\joc191\Downloads\2016-09-14_12-33-00.png",,, Did it matter that in reply >>a_screenHeight and a_screenWidth were switched? Looks fine to me. Code: Select all - Toggle Line numbers coordMode,pixel ^1:: ImageSearch,ix,iy,0,0,a_screenHeight,...
by New_ahk_kid
14 Apr 2020, 23:55
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: Masonjar13's Library List
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Re: Masonjar13's Library List

I am new to ahk, and I saw some code that I was interested in using, then started reading this post. Sorry for such a newb question, but what is all this for, the ip and and string and pointing to a file "lib" or web page ?? >> USES? Is useful for what exactly? Am a bit confused


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