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by rbreaves
12 Oct 2020, 12:20
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: Disable all keyboard buttons
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Re: Disable all keyboard buttons

feiyue SpeedMaster Would you guys be ok with me adding this code to my GPLv2 (also open to those that would prefer MIT) open source project I really like the ability to disable the keyboard entirely, very useful for quick keyboard cleanings without needing to lock...
by rbreaves
12 Jun 2020, 17:21
Forum: Other Utilities & Resources
Topic: My experience porting AHK scripts to Linux.
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Re: My experience porting AHK scripts to Linux.

You guys might be interested in looking at the xkeysnail project as well, it has got to have the simplest and closest autohotkey like implementation I have seen, but written in python. The syntax is python, but for me it has worked equally well for most things I have thrown at it (although I need to...

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