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by step
17 Apr 2014, 00:57
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: Ticker: An RSS Scroller
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Re: Ticker: An RSS Scroller

Don't mean to hijack your thread but maybe you can help me with an issue I have regarding my external LCD monitor. It often blanks out temporarily when an application attempts to display <something>. What exactly <something> is I do not know - that's what I'm trying to find out in order to troublesh...
by step
14 Apr 2014, 01:14
Forum: Ask For Help
Topic: how to HIGHLIGHT new lines in an updated HTML file?
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Re: how to HIGHLIGHT new lines in an updated HTML file?

Websitewatcher is a commercial option. It's a page synchronization tool. It takes a page snapshot, compares it with a previous page snapshot and outputs a highlighted, new html page. It does many other things.
by step
29 Mar 2014, 13:02
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes
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Re: Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes

It took me a while to find the new home of this thread, I was still hanging out the old forum; I didn't realize this is where the action is. Well, now I know. Back on topic now. I was intrigued about the AddResource directive and played a little with the Bitmap and HTML resource demo (download from ...

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