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by vangogh
07 Dec 2014, 06:58
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: Eject() : For Removable storage devices
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Re: Eject() - For CD/DVD and USB Mass Storage devices

Hi there,

sorry for the newbie question - how do i get it to work with a hotkey?

i added this code after the eject.ahk but nothing happened:

Code: Select all


 DriveGet, List, List, REMOVABLE

 StringReplace, List, List, A 

 Drv := SubStr( List,1,1 ) . ":"


by vangogh
16 May 2014, 06:23
Forum: SciTE4AutoHotkey
Topic: SciTE4AutoHotkey v3.0.06.01 [Updated October 12 2014]
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Re: SciTE4AutoHotkey v3.0.05.01 [Updated April 5 2014]

is there a way to add a setting such that we can return to 'last viewed line' when we open the file on next launch?
by vangogh
16 May 2014, 06:09
Forum: Editors
Topic: Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey
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Re: Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey

hi there, Thanks for the scripts! on a related note, i'd like to check if there's a black/dark theme that can be adapted directly for use? currently, the styling is pretty illegible under a dark background as seen below: i'm hoping for styling that's similar to SciTe4A...

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