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by ignign0kt
21 Dec 2017, 14:16
Forum: AutoGUI
Topic: AutoGUI 2.5
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Re: AutoGUI 2.0

Just logged in to say this is amazing man. All this time I thought Scite was the go-to edit and GUI builder for ahk but this is incredible. Hope it stays active. Thanks!
by ignign0kt
20 Sep 2014, 12:37
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: FrameShot (ScreenShot for a specified area)
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Re: FrameShot (ScreenShot for a specified area)

Any way to make this a function to use in other scripts and just pass it coordinates?
You know something like

FrameShot(X,Y,Width, Height, [SaveToDisk, ClipBoard])

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