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by drosenhe
25 Jun 2020, 17:42
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Topic: AHK Studio
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Re: AHK Studio

Hi Maestrith!! I just love your AHK-Studio Editor and have been using for a while. Lately, I've notice that when AHK-Studio first loads, I'm getting an error from the Middle Scroll.ahk plugin: " Error: 0x800401F3 - Invalid class string ". The rest of the error dialog shows code lines from the plugin...
by drosenhe
17 May 2020, 15:24
Forum: Ask For Help
Topic: Limit AHK to two or more windows Topic is solved
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Re: Limit AHK to two or more windows Topic is solved

This thread was most helpful in figuring out how to have the same set of hotkeys defined that would only fire in either of two game windows, but no other active windows. In case it might be helpful to anyone else who finds this thread in pursuit of similar winGruop questions, here's a copy of the co...

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