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by fourst4r
31 May 2017, 03:35
Forum: Other Programming Languages
Topic: AutoHotKey vs. AutoIt
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Re: AutoHotKey vs. AutoIt

As someone coming from C# and Python, the transition to AutoIt's Basic syntax was extremely smooth, so that's why I use it. The only thing that AutoIt is missing for me is a working ImageSearch, I have to use AHK for that...
by fourst4r
31 May 2017, 00:55
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: ImageSearch Tips & Tricks
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Re: ImageSearch Tips & Tricks

Sorry for the bump, but I think it's important to include the fact that coordinates are relative to the active window, (new to AHK) this one stumped me for a while. The reason I thought this was important to include is since this thread is the second result when you search "imagesearch ahk" on Google.

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