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by edesjunior
21 Jun 2018, 13:17
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Topic: Erro no Loop
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Re: Erro no Loop

Olá luck2estaile,

Se entendi bem, você quer que o Loop ocorra 50 vezes. Neste caso, além da organização do código que o Gio sugeriu, acredito que precisaria utilizar:

Code: Select all

Loop 50 {
by edesjunior
06 Nov 2017, 12:34
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Topic: Run script on a specific window only.
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Re: Run script on a specific window only.

Hello Brillian,

If I understood correctly, it is not possible. To execute commands like SendEvent the window needs to be in focus.

So that I can execute my scripts without impacting the use of my station, I use a virtual machine.

Sorry if English is not good.

I hope I have helped.


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