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by Victoriyan
18 Aug 2017, 04:27
Forum: Scripts and Functions
Topic: GDI+ standard library 1.45 by tic
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Re: GDI+ standard library 1.45 by tic

I am interested in such a task. Is it possible to recognize images on images using autohotkey. I do not know much about autohotkey, but it's just interesting.

In this you something similar is discussed, but I can not understand specifically about what tasks are being discussed.
by Victoriyan
06 Aug 2017, 03:53
Forum: AutoGUI
Topic: AutoGUI - Script Editor, GUI Designer, Debugger and Tools
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Re: AutoGUI - GUI Designer and Script Editor

Hello. Your tool is just wonderful. Many features and easy to use. I ran into such a problem. I create the project, I save it. But then, if I want to edit it, open it again using the program and I can see the current code. Visually, I can not see the project any more. If I want to add something or c...

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