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by Opysium
21 Jan 2018, 16:10
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Gui or MsgBox
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Gui or MsgBox

I need Gui or MsgBox. When I press the 1 button, I will write the commands under it, the 2 buttons will do the other commands.
I do not know how to make Gui and MsgBox.
by Opysium
23 Nov 2017, 11:06
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Toggle Script
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Toggle Script

When I press the desired keys (Numpad1, Numpad2, Numpad3, etc.), it will work and I will stop when I press T. It will continue to work when I press Enter / ESC afterwards.

How can I do it?

Google Translate
by Opysium
08 Oct 2017, 15:50
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Stop script in ALT + TAB
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Stop script in ALT + TAB

I want to press an F11 in 10 seconds while the "GTA: SA: MP" window is maximize. This command press an F11 in 10 seconds, but press it in ALT + TAB. How do I get it to press only when the "GTA: SA: MP" window is active?

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