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by HuBa
02 Mar 2018, 04:27
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Environment Variables not updated on Script Reload
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Environment Variables not updated on Script Reload

Steps to reproduce: 1. script is already running and an environment variable is changed outside of the script (by another program). 2. I want to use the new value of this variable 3. so I reload the script from the tray menu 4. but the script is still using the old value Workaround: I have to manual...
by HuBa
01 Mar 2018, 03:26
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Window Spy resize
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Window Spy resize

The width of Focused Control text field is not adjusted when the Window Spy dialog is resized horizontally.

BTW maybe it would also be better if one of the text fields would expand vertically when the window is resized vertically.

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