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by daywalker
23 Jan 2020, 02:59
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Topic: Windows 10 - Winexist
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Windows 10 - Winexist

Hello, changing from Win7 to WIn10 i noted that the CPU Usage of my tool is greatly increasing (about <1% to 10-15%). I use a timer function which repeatly calls WinExist() or IfWinExist . Below a demo code (cant show the whole code). I know that there a a lot of If-then-else clause combined partial...
by daywalker
22 Oct 2019, 02:57
Forum: Suggestions on documentation improvements
Topic: Suggestions on documentation improvements
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Scripts - Definition & Usage | AutoHotkey “Every thread launched by a hotkey, hotstring, menu item, GUI event, or timer starts off fresh with the default values for the following attributes as set in the auto-execute section. If unset, the standard de...
by daywalker
21 Oct 2019, 08:17
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Topic: FileEncoding understanding question Topic is solved
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FileEncoding understanding question Topic is solved

Hi, can someone help me in this script? 1.) Press Button "Set1" --> Fileencoding is set to UTF-8 2.) After press of "Set1" press Button "Set2" --> Fileencoding is empty Should FileEncoding value not be set globally? Is this a bug or a feature? Thank you! Gui, Add, Button, w100 h50 gButtonSet1, Set1 ...

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