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by Flarebrass
15 Mar 2016, 06:20
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Simple Crouch and Prone with same key?
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Re: Simple Crouch and Prone with same key?

I just did something pretty similar in another thread. Quick modification gives me this: $c:: Send, {c down} SetTimer, timer1, -200 return $c up:: Critical SetTimer, timer1, off Send, {c up} ;Send, {c up}c Critical off return timer1: Send, v return If you need to stand back up when releasing "c", th...
by Flarebrass
14 Mar 2016, 10:13
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Fallout 4 Looting(solved)
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Re: Fallout 4 Looting

I would start with Example 3 from the SetTimer function here: When the key "e down" is pressed, begin timer1. When 200 ms passes, begin timer2. When "e up" is pressed, end both timers. I'm not by my AHK computer, so there may be some bugs here: $e do...
by Flarebrass
14 Mar 2016, 08:29
Forum: Gaming
Topic: faster clicking
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Re: faster clicking

To make it go faster, you can reduce the value of "freq" and "0.1", though I would not recommend lowering those numbers below 16 ms or 0.016 seconds. For even more speed, you can remove the Sleeps entirely, but that may be too fast for some programs to handle and you may find some keys not firing co...
by Flarebrass
14 Mar 2016, 07:33
Forum: Gaming
Topic: ImageSearch partially working
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Re: ImageSearch partially working

My first guess is that the "shades of variation" has incorrect syntax. Using *255 instead of *n255 should always return a result, but the in-game image doesn't look like it will ever change when it's off cooldown, so that option may not be necessary. In that case, if you put the ErrorLevel in the Ms...

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