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Daniel Beardsmore
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01 Aug 2016, 15:40

It would be useful to have constants. They're an indication to the reader that the value specified won't change, cannot change and is not intended to change, and will prevent inadvertent reassignments.

I'd also like to see the ability to refactor details such as program name, version, copyright into constants that the revised ahk2exe's compiler directives can pick up on, instead of having to define each one twice.

(And real constants — Perl's pretendoconstants cause all sorts of weird and seemingly inexplicable compile and runtime errors and lead to strange decoration of the functions to force them to work properly. I'm thinking more like a const keyword to complement global.)
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Re: Constants

02 Aug 2016, 08:01

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Re: Constants

03 Mar 2017, 07:29

Code: Select all

; Allow constants (FixedVars) in directives.
; Example:

#FixedVars ThisInstanceWinTitle:="Hugo" , ThisInstanceWinText:="File"
; Allow to use constants (FixedVars) in directives.
#IfWinActive , %ThisInstanceWinTitle% , %ThisInstanceWinText%

; Forbidden:

; OK:
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Daniel Beardsmore
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Re: Constants

03 Mar 2017, 12:43

I wouldn't suggest using old syntax for a new feature.

Re: Constants

03 Mar 2017, 17:04

I thought it would fit in here. By the way, constants would also have been implemented.

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