Add Joystick Events (no timers). MM_JOY1MOVE

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Add Joystick Events (no timers). MM_JOY1MOVE

28 Mar 2017, 02:15

Dear Lexikos,

Please add support for Joystick event handling, so users can process them like any other keystroke.
  • Capturing a Joystick

    MM_JOY2ZMOVE ... 85%29.aspx

Please and thanks!

We love you! :)

- Raccoon from IRC
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Re: Add Joystick Events (no timers). MM_JOY1MOVE

28 Mar 2017, 03:44

Since you addressed me personally;

  • The API has a severe limitation if the documentation is to be believed. If the documentation isn't trustworthy, I want nothing to do with the API.
    If the specified joystick is currently captured, the function returns undefined behavior.
    Source: joySetCapture function (Windows)
    This sort of a limitation is fine for a script, but not for inclusion in the program.
  • Any significant work on joysticks in AutoHotkey should involve moving away from the Multimedia Joystick API, for several reasons (API bugs and limitations).
  • I have three controllers, and very few reasons to use them with AutoHotkey.
    1. Xbox 360 controller. The current API works with it, but can't detect both triggers at once, so I only ever used it with XInput.ahk. I don't use it at all anymore.
    2. Xbox One controller. The current API works with it (as above), except that as of Windows 10 anniversary edition, it reports "no buttons, all axes centred" unless AutoHotkey's own windows are active. Again, I use XInput.ahk.
    3. Steam controller. I'm not even going to try to use it with AutoHotkey. There's no way I could match what the Steam client can do, if I even wanted to. So far it has superseded every reason that I've had to use AutoHotkey with my other controllers.
  • It doesn't take my interest, and isn't relevant to any of my goals.
If someone else can implement it in a satisfactory way, I would consider merging it. Even if I didn't merge it, you could have what you wanted.

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