ControlClick with a mousemove feature

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ControlClick with a mousemove feature

17 Apr 2014, 20:29

I read again solutions and wish thread at: ... -pos-mode/ ... k-improve/

It will work but I am still sad, we have not a ControlClick who post a WM_MOUSEMOVE...
I post here because today I needed to only control a flash game who does not need a click and who does not use the adobe standalone.
Every years (or more often) I have this problem, we cannot easly automate flash game or some applet inside IE or Firefox, because they need to enumerate all children windows for to get the good windows handle, and most applications need a previous mouse message before to post a working click, or other problems.
Also, the function of first link are old and long, hard to find and understand, and I guess only for 32 bit...

Maybe a quick improvement at line ... .cpp#L2322
case MOUSEMOVE: msg_down = WM_MOUSEMOVE; msg_up = WM_MOUSEMOVE; wparam = 0; break; who will work with ControlClick, x%x1% y%y1%, ahk_id %hwnd1%,, Move,, NA Pos
Or maybe before aClickCount loop, something like if (aClickCount == 0) {PostMessage(control_window, WM_MOUSEMOVE, wparam, lparam);} who will work with ControlClick, x%x1% y%y1%, ahk_id %hwnd1%,,, 0, NA Pos
Or anything...
Anyway, just a tiny fix will be enough, I guess, but we can add wparam option, for to work with 0, auto (check current keyboard state and mouse button already pushed), or any MK_ values to inject ( ... 45616.aspx)

However, out of my knowledge (sorry, just a big mouth with ideas), perhaps a low priority, but I really think that a lot of people gave out about "silent" automation and have not found existing function or how this can be done, in my eyes it is the primary role of AutoHotkey to be able to perform this...

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